Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Summer's Over

It doesn't matter what the calendar says, the girls started school today so it's no longer summer for us. As expected on a first day of school, they woke up early, excited and getting more nervous the closer we got to school. I hope they both have a good day.

Last week was the same as usual, except for going to the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night to see Harry Connick, Jr. It's always fun to go to the Bowl, but it was especially great to see him. First of all, there's just nothing wrong with looking at Harry for a couple of hours! And then, of course, he's incredibly talented. But he's also really funny. He had us cracking up, and also was so appreciative that even in that venue, it felt like an intimate concert, and my sister, my mom and I all had a blast! (This was a Mother's Day present from my dad, complete with picnic and two bottles of wine.)

After we finally made it out of the parking lot a good hour after the concert let out (yes, there's always a price), we ended up staying up until 1 in the morning, finishing off the wine with my dad and my bro-in-law. We all spent the night at my parents' house, and in the morning, my dad made us all chorizo and eggs (yum!) before we went on our way. It was a perfect start to our last weekend of the summer.

Aside from a costume fitting for Sylvia's show, the rest of the weekend was spent at home and was nice and relaxing. I woke up Sunday morning, freaking out that it was actually Monday and we were late for the first day of school! But this morning, everyone got up without drama, and we were ready in record time.

I did get some cool news last week. My city has an organization that provides a leadership program to enrich and strengthen our leadership skills and encourage community involvement, and I've been accepted into this year's class! I'm really excited and honored to be a part of this.


Erica said...

Your Hollywood Bowl night sounds perfect. I love it. And congrats on the leadership class!!

Tara R. said...

I LOVE Harry Connick JR. So jealous you had the chance to see one of his performances. He is such a wonderful talent, and so supportive of NOLA after Katrina. A total class act.

Good luck to your girls and their new school year.

Julie@My5monkeys said...

congrats on the class and thats sounds like fun night with Harry Connick jr.

Vinomom said...

I am always so admiring of the wonderful outings you take the time to do with your children. Don't you wish every morning could be like the first day of school when they are so eager to get there?

MindyMom said...

Mmmm, Harry Connick, wine and hangover eggs! Way to celebrate the end of summer! :)

Jen said...

Um... wrong. The city is lucky to get YOU. What a wonderful thing. The mother's day present for all of you sounded absolutely wonderful. I hope the girls had a great day today!

Single Mama NYC said...

I can tell that you are already a Leader (what single mama isn't, right?). I'm beyond thrilled for you that you got accepted and can't wait to learn from you as to how to be an even better leader.

As for Harry Connick Jr., all I can say is Yummmm-my! :-D
Glad you had such a great time!

jenn said...

Hope the girls had a wonderful first day of school. It's crazy how fast this summer has flown by!

Danielle said...

Congrats on getting into the class.

Yeah, I could sit and watch Harry for a couple hours, no problem.

Can't wait to hear how the girls first day went.