Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoughts on the First Day of School

I'm not going to try and put a beginning, a middle, and end on this post (I know; when do I ever?). These are just random thoughts on the girls' first day of school.
  • Riley thinks her 5th grade teacher is the best teacher ever because she only assigns homework on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm inclined to agree.
  • When Sylvia told me her English teacher doesn't do spelling tests, I was thrilled. That high quickly evaporated when I found multiple typos/misuses of grammar in her syllabus.
  • While Sylvia's Algebra teacher gave her far too much homework on the first day of school (30 problems easy), I love that she gives them the answers, too. They still have to show their work and do the assignment, of course, but having the answers will let Sylvia know immediately if she's on the right track or not. 
  • The Algebra teacher was also the only one who asked the parents to tell her about our child. I let her know that I suck at Math and will be no help to Sylvia, and that we are both terrified of this class. 
  • I'm a little concerned that Sylvia's rehearsals for her upcoming play might interfere with her school work, but thankfully, starting on Friday, all of their rehearsals look to be complete run-thrus of the play. Sylvia's only in the 2nd act, so she'll have all of the first act to get her homework done. At least the craziest part is at the beginning of the year; should make the rest of the year look easier to her once rehearsals are done. 
  • Riley cannot wait for the 5th grade camping field trip. This is so up her alley, and I'm excited for her. (And also pleased that I don't have to go. Camping is not my idea of a good time.)
All in all, they had a great first day of school, and no grumbling about going back today.


Florinda said...

They're back in school already? Spencer doesn't start 5th grade till next week. Then again, Katie started junior year last week, but her new school follows a college calendar and has a unique schedule. We are in for an interesting year!

Sounds like you and the girls are all off to a good start.

Penelope said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start--congrats!!

Although I would be INCREDIBLY annoyed by spelling and grammar errors courtesy of the English teacher. :/

Jen said...

That sounds like a great start - and with much more reasonable teachers than some other years.

I wonder if the English teacher is young and nervous? Typos, etc., can also just reflect nerves, exhaustion, over-preparation, etc. See what else comes home from her.

It will be great for Sylvia to have this all at the beginning, especially since beginning work is often somewhat of a review in seventh grade. When does the play go up?

Danielle said...

I am going to be horrified of all of my daughters classes except maybe gym!
Glad the girls had a good first day!

BigLittleWolf said...

Our first day of school was last week, and though we're only 10 days in, I already feel as though the household is swamped in the stress, and completely in the thick of it.

And no afterschool activities have as yet begun. The household is, nonetheless, already dragging and sagging under the weight of my kid's work, his (extra) expenses for ever-growing (public school) supply lists.

It all feels like too much, too soon. Hard on the kids, hard on the parents, and impossible on the UnBudget.

Not grumbling, just concerned about how we'll manage, if we're already inundated and it's only August.

Mandy said...

BigLittleWolf has just reminded me of the back-to-school cycle - always good when everyone is excited to be back to school but a few weeks in and it usually does seem overwhelming. Then as the routine settles, it calms again.

My son started at high school today and daughter, a senior, goes back tomorrow ...

Tara R. said...

Sounds like the girls were assigned to a couple of good teachers, or at least ones who will be willing to work with them and parents. Good luck to them both this year.

jenn said...

I can remember how excited I always was to start a new school year. One more year and I'll be dealing with this with Shiloh.

I'm glad the girls had a good start to the year. And yay for a teacher that only gives homework twice a week.

Meagan Francis said...

spelling and grammar errors on any official school correspondence makes me NUTS. The other thing I hate is the incorrect use of the apostrophe. I'm always getting notes home that say "Parent's, please read your child's newsletter!"

I want to circle it with a big red marker and send it back. But then I'd be one of 'those" parents, eh?

Jenni said...

I'm glad their first day went well.. too bad it wont last all school year long. Lol.

Skylar is in love with her kindergarten teacher and class. The first day I didn't even get a kiss goodbye! She hung up her backpack and hauled ass to the playground.