Friday, August 27, 2010

My unique family

I've been busy pretty much every night this week, and crazed at work, and my way of winding down has been to veg in front of the TV and then stumble off to bed. One of the shows I watched was a re-run of Becker. This episode featured George Wendt, formerly Norm from Cheers (with Ted Dansen as Becker, of course), and Becker was feeling sorry for himself for being alone. But after telling "Norm" about his life and the characters in his life that make up the ensemble, "Norm" pointed out that Becker was far from alone; that each one of these people cared for him and it sounded like he had a great family.

This week for me was all about my own family, and what a fantastic support system that the girls and I are so lucky to have.

I had my Parents Advisory Committee meeting for the Club, our extended after-school family that is there to enrich my daughters' lives every day, year-round. My daughters are pursuing their dreams because of the Club, have discovered their dreams because of the Club, and now, the Club is nominating Sylvia for a scholarship. It's a long way to actually get it, but that they thought of her and are doing their part for her means so much to me.

The following night was our fundraiser for the Club. It's one of those where you eat at a restaurant, give them a flyer, and 20% of your bill goes towards the Club. My parents and a friend of theirs came, Sylvia's former principal came, friends from work many came to support the Club. We had a great time for a good cause.

The next night was my orientation and the welcome reception for the leadership class I'm taking this year. It's quite an impressive group of classmates I have! One is the editor of the local paper, another is the Superintendent, various people from City departments, along with employees of non-profit organizations, a doctor, a fire captain, a police officer, and others who work in the private sector. I am totally honored to be among this group.

But what really made my night was that my boss came to support me. My boss, my parents, Riley, my friend that first told me about the program were all there to cheer me on. I was totally nervous when it was my turn to speak (I'm a blogger, not a speaker!), but seeing all those faces smiling back at me made it so much easier.

And among those attending the reception, I knew others that I didn't even know would be there! It hit me that I already am a part of this community.

So work is crazy and Sylvia's busy with rehearsals every night, and next week, I have to figure out again how to be in two places at once, and before my first official class, I have to take a test, read a book, and interview two people. I have to do my minutes for the next PTA and Booster Club meetings, and help at the Book Fair and deal with all the everyday stuff that comes up.

I love all the labels that I wear. I love our extended family.

I love my life.


Vinomom said...

It IS a wonderful feeling to be part of a community isn't it? Having lived in my small suburb for about eight years now, I do appreciate that I run into friends and other parents at the pool, at the grocery store, at local restaurants. It definitely gives you a sense of belonging.

I am also blessed to be surrounded by supportive friends and coworkers. That is awesome your boss came to support you! When my daughter's art was chosen last year for display at the local library, all of her "aunties" (my best friends) came as well as a couple of my coworkers. I know they just came because it was very local but it made her feels special and they certainly didn't have to take the time!

I am trying to get my daughter involved in something extra-curricular that involves music and/or acting. I am jealous of all the awesome activities available to you living where you do. Here in the suburbs it's a lot harder to come by!

Pippi said...

I'm so glad it went well. Rock on!

Karen MEG said...

What a wonderful post, April. I am so happy that you have a great network and community - and so very happy that you love your life.

BigLittlewolf said...

Lovely post. Those who love us are our families, blood-related or not.

Jen said...

This is wonderful news. It sounds like you have an extremely rich life and wonderful support systems!

Tara R. said...

I love how positive you are and how life is finally falling into a good place for you and your girls. I am very happy for you.

Danielle said...

Geesh you are a busy girl. I am glad you are loving it and doing well. I would be a basket case. LOL

Sandra said...

Awww, your post just gave me a warm-fuzzy! It's not often that you hear some one say they love their life...I'm suddenly feeling slightly bitchy for all the bitching and complaining I do...slightly.
Terrific post!

Jenni said...

Such a great post April! I'm glad you're finding so much happiness, despite being so busy with your life.. actually, that busy schedule seems to be whats providing the happiness! So proud of you. =)

With my move, and my own family, I have found an unexpected allie. My aunt! I never knew we were so much like (with some obviously big differences). But it's so great!

Unknown said...

This was such a pleasure to read, inspires and gives me hope for my own future and the futures of my girls. That maybe things will be enjoyable and busy and THAT will be life instead of what seems like endless turmoil and angst :)

I'm happy for you, really and truly.

jenn said...

This was a great post. It's wonderful that you have the support that you do. And it also made me look at my life a bit closer. Sometimes I think I'm totally alone in this too, but I have three different families willing to babysit for me on Thursday nights while I go to class. I have to remember the support group that I have. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for them.

Erin said...

I love this post - it's nice to sit back for a moment and breathe and realize all that we DO have, moment by moment. Your blog name is so apt: yes, it IS all about balance. And love!