Sunday, February 28, 2010

The SVMoms Group Event

There is so much to digest from Sunday's event! Lots of knowledge, lots of great women, lots of products, and I haven't even tried them all yet!

To start from the beginning, thanks to Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel for hosting the event. If you've looked at the Whrrl story, you'll see this is quite an amazing setting!

Thanks to Kimberley Clayton Blaine for talking to us about vlogging. I really appreciated her advice when I spoke to her later about my own insecurities about it, and she didn't push me to do anything that makes me uncomfortable! I was fully expecting a "get over it" response, but she reminded me that these are our spaces, and we should do what we want to do with them.

Still, you may be seeing more video here of the kids or other events.

Especially now that I won the drawing for an iPod Nano, thanks to Ebates!

But back to the order of events. After the vlogging conference, Momfluential - an amazing woman with a way with words that I adore - led a discussion on Brands and Bloggers, with input from the PR folks there for the event. What stood out for me was that, as always, communication is key. And of course, staying true to oneself.

I won't be talking about some of the products because they don't apply to our family. It's not a good or bad thing; I just don't need a stroller with my 9 and 12 year old daughters! You can find a more complete listing of companies at Tiny Oranges. But please read all about the products I adore, am coveting, and yes, even my not-so-great opinions.

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