Sunday, February 14, 2010

My love letter to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

Dear Jon,

Oh, dear, dear Jon. In the darkest political days, I can count on you (if you're not on hiatus) to make me smile.

When I hear of a new political drama, I think of you first, dear Jon. I hope that you'll be on to give me your take on the latest big speech, or the newest political "star" making the rounds on every morning news show.

You give great interview. I confess, I've watched your interview with Jim Cramer again and again. And again. And when it's your turn to be the interviewee, you still give great interview. I love a man who can both give and take.

I love watching the cable news through your eyes. Oh, those eyes. (And thanks, btw, for reminding me that Chris Matthews is white.)

I confess, I will be a little lonely this Valentine's Day. Because it's on a Sunday, and you're probably taking Monday off, too, and I won't be able to spend my Valentine's night with you.

Ooh, I just remembered! I still haven't seen Thursday's episode! I take that back, dear Jon.

I'll be spending almost a half hour curled up with my Valentine (via my remote) after all.

Happy Valentine's Day. To you and your wife and your kids. And all those "pinheads" that work on The Daily Show.


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MindyMom said...

Lol, I love this post, April. And I share your fondness for Jon. Have a great long weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a regular watcher but I do love Jon Stewart when I catch him! He's hilarious. Have a great V-Day!

Florinda said...

Oh, I didn't realize I had to share Jon with you, too! My husband knows all about my love for Mr. Stewart and, lucky for me, puts up with it :-). Happy Valentine's Day!

c2cmom said...

Laughing that others watch him the same as me! Thank goodness for DVR. Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

I've always said funny = sexy!

.... and he's cute too. ;-)

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

Very funny - and I totally agree ;-)...a good mommy-secret-pleasure!
p.s. I think he has a thing for

Anonymous said...

This is great! I totally want to watch Jon Stewart right now!

Cat said...

Love me some Jon Stewart!

Anonymous said...



LOVE JON. I fell in love with him in Big Daddy. YUM-MAY.