Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 Things I'd Rather Do

Female2Female's Blog Challenge
this week is 10 Things, any 10 things. I picked 10 Things I'd rather do than date!

1. Spend time with the girls. I spent VDay with the two loves of my life.

2. Work. I love my job, I love the people I work with. The work challenges me, and I've got smart, supportive mentors that are there for me and I enjoy their company.

3. Spend time with friends. Lunch, coffee, dinner, hanging out, laughing, talking...nothing like friends.

4. Spend time online. Whether it's blogging, reading blogs, Twitter, Facebook, I love surfing and seeing where it leads.

5. Belt my favorite musical numbers. I love singing just for singing's sake. While the girls do homework, and I make dinner, we've got the iPod going, and we all break out in song :)

6. Read. While lately I haven't been feeling it to read anything too deep, I love losing myself in the written word. As Sondheim said in Passion, "I read to dream."

7. Sleep. Because I'm old.

8. Spend a weekend on a cruise ship. All the fun of companionship, without the awkward parts.

9. See a Broadway show. Duh.

10. Watch The Daily Show. All the laughter without worrying what I'm wearing!

I could easily come up with another 10, at least!


MindyMom said...

I agree; dating blows. I wish I could skip the dating ritual and just get right to the relationship part. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! I may have to do a similar post. I could come up with a seriously long list. :)

Tara R. said...

I think if anything were to happen between Hubs and me, I would just forget about dating. The whole idea of going through that again is the stuff of nightmares.

Danielle said...

Amen and exactly why I don't plan on dating for quite a while!

Cat said...

Great list! I second everything, and I could add a few myself.

Natalie said...

You know how I feel about *dating* in the truest sense of the word. BLAH! I'd rather go on a jog than out to dinner where I have to act all formal. It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

jenn said...

Oh, I may have to steal this idea from you. This is awesome! Love the list, and I totally agree with it.

Unknown said...

I remember writing a blog about why I don't date and now if you read my blog you will see my 10 things are 10 reasons I love you.
It kind of happened when i least expected it

Anonymous said...

Love this list - so many great things on it! I wish I was somewhere I could see Broadway plays.

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

rather than dating? give blood? clean out the closet? So many things...:-)!
Sleep is on mine too...what a fun post!

Julie said...

I certainly hope you're planning that Broadway show this summer at BlogHer!