Friday, October 23, 2009

My first Friday Fragments

I think I'm going to put my weekend wrap-ups to rest, and start doing Friday Fragments, hosted by Mrs. 4444 instead. I feel the need to be a joiner.

***Sylvia won a writing competition at the Club and got to see a preview of The Vampire's Assistant last night, as well as a copy of the book. She was very excited, since I'd said she'd have to wait for Netflix to see this movie. Before the movie started, Riley won a dance competition that Power 106 was sponsoring! My girls are indeed winners.

***While the girls were at the movies, I was at the book launch party for The Internet Mommy, a book that features many mommy bloggers, including Beth Blecherman, co-founder of SVMoms, and my friend and fellow LA Mom blogger, Kim Tracy Prince. The event was really fun, and I was once again inspired by all the bright and wonderful women there.

***Inspired, but still lacking the words I need to put together a coherent post for either LA Moms or Parentella, both of which are due. Oi.

***It's Riley's 9th birthday on Sunday. We'll be going to a Halloween party to celebrate. I've told her she's not allowed to grow up anymore after this.

***Still no word from X about seeing the girls for their birthdays. Sylvia has stopped asking, but I know she's thinking about it. She told me after her therapy session this week that she wants to be more like Riley when it comes to their dad. Riley loves her dad, but expects nothing from him. I agreed that Riley certainly has the most healthy attitude about X of the 3 of us. I too will strive to be more like my grown-up almost 9-year-old.

***I still have to talk to Riley's teacher about the diorama book report project. I'm putting it off.

***Not much fire in my belly right now to fight these battles. I'm beginning to think I'm wasting too much energy on the elementary years and burning out for when it really counts, middle school. According to some research I read a few years back, that's the crucial time for kids.

***I went to Sylvia's booster club meeting this week for choir. Yes, there's a separate booster club for just the choir department. That's what we've come to. Instead of participating in the chocolate fundraiser, I'm going to have Sylvia put together a solicitation letter to just ask my colleagues for cash than to buy one more piece of candy. We're all over that, and would just rather give money. Besides, cash donations means 100% of it goes to the funds, instead of a mere 30-40% of the candy sales. When I brought it up at the meeting, a lot of parents perked up at the idea!

***Both girls are now as hooked on So You Think You Can Dance as I am!

***I like this Friday Fragment thing. It's like a bunch of FB status updates or tweets all in one post.


Kori said...

Yay! I knew I would suck you into participating sooner or later (come on, I know it isn't really all about me but can we PRETEND?)! Love you muchly.

FreedomFirst said...

Congrats to the girls on their wins! That is fantastic. And I agree on the cash thing. I'm much more likely to donate money than spend it on crap.

won said... the other side of "Friday Fragments!"

Nice to visit, as always.

And Happy Birthday to Riley.

jenn said...

Congrats to both your girls and happy birthday Riley.

Shiloh's only three and she's already hooked on So You Think You Can Dance. Is that bad? :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the girls! They are doing so well. Pat yourself on the back, April, you so deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance.

That's sad about the X. :(

Anonymous said...

May be sad about the X, but your kids will probably surprise you as they grow older. I hate that "kids are resilient" line. Not that resilient! But they are, I believe, inherently emotionally-self-protective, though it may take time. Eventually they find a way to love, but protecting themselves. Sounds like your 9-year old is there already. But it's inevitably hard on you.


Cat said...

Go winner girls!

Sorry Riley has to have that attitude, but at least it's a healthy approach.

LOL @ the FB/Twitter reference... sometimes when I'm uninspired on Friday I'll go back through Twitter and FB for inspiration!

Welcome to the frag fun!