Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall foliage is for paintings

The temperature has finally cooled a bit here in our fair city! Fall has come, fall has come! Parents everywhere can feel their electricity bill going down as they turn off their a/c, but don't yet need the heater. Blankets and comforters are coming out of the linen closets and sweaters are finding their way in our drawers.

But then, inevitably, someone has to bemoan the lack of beautiful colors as our trees turn brown for a minute.

Well, okay, yes. Our leaves don't change color all that spectacularly. I'm a California native, but I have lived in Rochester, NY, Pittsburgh and Denver. I have experienced those colors. They last about a week.

And then the skies turned gray. And then it's winter. "Early this year," some 'native' of another state but CA would tell me. Somehow, I've always managed to live in these cities when they're having the longest, coldest, harshest winter in 2-4 decades. In Rochester, the year I lived there, there was an ice storm on my birthday in April. Lucky me!

That winter, the only day of snow I enjoyed was Thanksgiving. No work to go to, that perfect day of snuggling home with the family - only going out so the girls can make snowmen.

As pretty as that scene is, it simply does not make up for actually living in winter conditions. For as much as half the year.

It doesn't make up for bundling up a 2-yr-old to the point where you can barely carry her - particularly since proper winter clothes are made of slippery material!

It doesn't make up for having to keep your car unlocked for fear of the key sticking.

It doesn't make up for waking up 20 minutes early to brush off the snow, then scrape off the ice on the windshield.

It doesn't make up for the stupid weatherman calling it "sunny" when it's over 30 degrees!

I might not have minded so much had I grown up somewhere other than California, but I'm one of those actual natives of our state. Cold to me means 70 degrees. 27 degrees means you shouldn't have to get out of bed.

So I'm okay with not having a week of colorful leaves. As long as our weather doesn't go below 50 degrees all year long!

Originally posted on LA Moms Blog, Oct. 8, 2009.


Danielle said...

You have such a great voice. I just read that post and can not wait to here her response.

Julie said...

I had not previously read your letter to Senator Romero, but I just did, and I have to say that I'm jealous of your eloquence in writing. You're just a phenomenal writer. :) I'm so glad that you take action by writing letters, and I'm happy for you that she replied.

Totally cliche, but keep fighting the good fight!