Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

You may have already heard, but just in case, I have to share that Riley scored a perfect 600/600 on her Math STAR testing! We got her scores from last year's testing last week, and we celebrated for days. She will probably get to help shave her Curriculum Director as a result. She's very excited about that.

I still maintain that standardized tests aren't everything, but right now, she's very motivated and confident, and that's a good place for her to be.

Sylvia is going to get to dance with the LA SparKids cheerleaders at the game tomorrow night. She participated in a clinic with them yesterday, and was one of 3 kids picked to get a solo, too!

It's been too hot here. Every day has been averaging 105 degrees, and the fires aren't helping the air quality right now. We're supposed to get cooler weather in the next few days.

The girls and I went swimming and bowling on Saturday. The girls were able to use the guard rail, but the adults were not. The girls kicked our butts. I couldn't care less what I score in bowling, so it was still a lot of fun.

More news to come this week.


Kori said...

Even without the rails, mine always manage to kick my butt. The only time I have ever done well bowling was the time I had a blind date with a friend's friend; we both kicked the boys' asses and funny, I never heard from him again. HA HA HA

I am so happy for Sylvia! Riley too, of course, but that is awesome that Sylvia got picked to do a solo. She must have inherited some of your talent.

MindyMom said...

Go Riley! GO Sylvia! Yay for them. They are kickin' some booty like their mama.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Don Mills Diva said...

A perfect score?!

You must be so proud of your smart girl.

Jen said...

Congrats to both girls and to their mom!

I hope the weather breaks for you, soon.

Shiona said...

Yay on the Fabulous STAR testing results. I love bowling even though I suck at it. Hoping the air gets better.

Single Mama NYC said...

Wow - a perfect math score. I have never known what that's like. Ever. :-)

Your girls sound wonderful; so glad you had a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for both girls...great way to start the new year.....