Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Still in Need of a Homework Free Election Night

I posted this four years ago, but quite late in the game. Today, I'm re-posting it (with slight edits) and will also be emailing all of my daughters' teachers, as well as the principals:

I just heard about this and think it's a great idea. As concerned citizens,we should request our teachers make Election Day a homework free night so that we can discuss and participate in election results as a family.

Personally, I support making Election Day a national holiday, but we're not there yet. The least we could do is have Tuesday night free for family discussions on elections and democracy. 

Argh, I just realized, I have class Election Night! Yet another reason to support making it a national holiday!

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Missy June said...

Yikes! Our district and preschool are closed for election day ... but that just means I have to hunt down child care. Ugh!