Monday, October 1, 2012

Balancing means Letting Things Go

I hate that it's been a week since I've updated, and I'm afraid I read almost no blog posts last week, either. We've been incredibly busy.

On top of our three hours on the road, work/school (work being insanely busy), my two classes, and Sylvia's 4 dance classes a week, I also got together with friends one night, we went to see a play, Riley went to a birthday party, and I had a meeting at Riley's school, a Board meeting, and a luncheon.

That is not meant as a complaint at all. It was a great week. Just really really busy.

Given that, it seemed like an appropriate topic would be on balancing, and giving up some things sometimes.

Just like I gave up Back to School Night a few weeks ago, I had to cancel on two friends this week and tell my parents I couldn't help them this weekend. I do wish I could have done everything, but I know I can't.

At work, prioritizing has been all about who is the most desperate for their documents. Since a good dozen came in all with the same start date, we couldn't prioritize merely by what was most timely!

It's gotten to the point where every outing; from the grocery store to the gas station, has to be immaculately timed. Anything that could wait, did. Like mailing Sylvia's Locks of Love donation. That took a month!

I'm learning, too, that even when people are desperate, I need to put me first sometimes. Otherwise, my Outlook refuses to send any more emails until I spend at least an hour cleaning it out.  Or, I rush things and don't do as well as I could and should; from homework to parenting the girls.

I know myself enough to know that I need down time to regain my sanity, get the laundry done, and do my homework. 

I joked to my friend that this week will be downright boring, considering one of my classes and one of Sylvia's classes got canceled. Boring never sounded so appealing.

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