Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Single Mother Unbound

Okay, I've been trying really hard to stay out of the political stuff on the internetz, but Romney decided that the first time he would mention single parents in the debates was to blame us for gun violence. Dude, you totally started this!

Romney, I know you don't want me to be a member of the Republican party, so there's no point in really trying to talk to you, but let me just say to anyone that believes as he does that one of the solutions to gun violence, or any violence as another prominent Republican has stated, is to get those parents wed already: you're no leader. Of human beings anyway.

You don't seem to understand that human beings are complex. You don't seem to understand that issues of love, marriage and children are complex. For that matter, you don't seem to understand violence, either.

You don't seem to understand that a significant percentage of single parents are single because they divorced abusive spouses. You don't seem to understand that for many of us, getting wed or staying wed would be the biggest mistake we could make, or continue to make for our children.

Yes, I realize that you tried almost immediately to take back your words and add your disclaimer that there are some great single parents out there. But you blamed us first, and it's the first time I've heard you speak of us in the debates. And it was to answer a question about gun violence. That says more about you, Romney, than it does about me, my marital status or my children.

If love were truly enough, then one in two marriages wouldn't end in divorce. If anything, too many are getting married.  I know you haven't tried to get a divorce, so let me let you in on the truth: it's not that easy. Particularly when there are children involved. You have to wait 6 months to finalize it, so divorce isn't a decision that can be made in haste. And, as we know from some infamous Vegas stories, it can be far too easy to enter into marriage!

Your comment that getting married to someone is a great idea is against my belief system! It's far too easy to get married without understanding the legal consequences of that action. And, as we learned from the housing crisis, no one should sign a legal contract without understanding it.

And, as I've said before, you don't seem to understand that single parents and children of single parents can hear you! (And, psst, you were debating a man that was raised by a single parent!) Yes, I do count myself as one of the better single parents out there, but that doesn't mean I'm still not offended. I'm incredibly offended.

So offended, I think I'll end this rant and donate to your opponent's campaign now.


Kimster said...

I was raised by a single mom for a long time, and I have guns. But I don't commit violence with them. Eff the haters, you are doing a great job!

Connor Harley said...

Uh oh. Romney i so going down. I understand the rant, April. Single moms are the best, in a way, and should not be neglected or insulted. Go April!

BigLittleWolf said...

Your title cracked me up!

And yes, I felt my hackles go up a little more when he made that (yet one more) ridiculous remark.

Kori said...

I am not a single mother now in the sense that I am married to the father of my youngest two, but I still identify as a single mother in a thousand, no, a million ways, and this STILL has my blood boiling. I know there are those who think I have no right to complain about any comments directed against single moms, but let me tell you, I am damn proud of the job I have done with ALL of my kids, whether I was single or married at any time. And god knows that getting married simply for the sake of marriage only works in rare cases of, like, NEVER????????? I cannot stand that arrogant prick, I didn't like him before that comment and I like him even less now.