Thursday, July 7, 2011

Household Expectations and Opportunities

*Storitz, the leader in Los Angeles Self Storage, asked MomsLA bloggers, "how do you get your kids to help around the house?" Here's my answer.

Since I made that video, my answer has changed a little. As some may recall, I've implemented a new system where the girls can earn money by doing certain chores around the house. There's a cap on how much they can earn each week, and they have to start with the smaller paying jobs, and can work their way up.

The response has been mixed. There have been a couple of weeks where Sylvia has made the maximum, and at least a week where she earned nothing. Riley has steadily earned some money every week, but not the max.

I like this system because it requires no nagging on my part. Everything on the list are things that are normally my responsibility, so I'm happy to pay for the help. While they have whined a little here and there about not getting paid to take out the trash or do the other things they're expected to do, they've accepted the system.

There was one week when Riley was being particularly stubborn and whiny because she argued that she'd done something that she thought was worth more than I did. They're supposed to talk to me first and make sure we're in agreement about how much they'll earn for a specific task, and she had to learn that one the hard way. I gave her a warning, but she continued to act up so I cut her off from any more earning opportunities that week.

They've both spent some of the money they earned. For the last two weeks, in lieu of cash, Sylvia had compiled a shopping cart online so when she had earned enough (including shipping and tax), I placed the order for her. Riley bought her own backpack for school. They've also bought themselves snacks and treats, but they check with me first for permission.

Overall, we're all very happy with this new Opportunity system.

*This post is sponsored by Storitz, the leader in Los Angeles storage. I was paid for this post, but all opinions and content are entirely my own.


Missy June said...

I think yours is a great system, especially for your girls' ages.

My little ones get a dollar a week if they have made their beds, taken dishes to the sink, picked up, etc.

You're doing a great job teaching responsibility!

BigLittleWolf said...

I think what you've done with your girls is a great idea. (I could have used it a few years ago!) It helps kids understand they have responsibilities and accountability - and - it's a way to let them get a sense of money, even in a small way. (Something I've been thinking a good deal about lately.)

Michelle said...

I know we're supposed to do allowances and have kids start to learn to manage money, but ... we haven't done it yet. My kids need NOTHING. I make them spend money on items that are truly just for them, but those are few and far between just because of what we already have. *sigh* With regards to chores, I play the "it's your responsibility as a part of our family" card or - more effective "I do X Y and Z. If you don't do A, then that's less time we have to do something fun."

Penelope said...

Excellent idea. I don't think mine is quite old enough yet for this to be effective, but give it a couple of years and this might be just what we need!