Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do these jeans make me look momorexic?

Photo: StockXchng/katagaci
I heard a promo for some show with a story on "Momorexia." Are moms too skinny?

Give me a break!

How often are moms judged poorly for never losing their pregnancy weight? How much pressure is there these days to be a MILF?

I'm so done with it. Most of what makes me so content with my life right now is being free of anyone else's expectations.

I stopped wearing heels a few years ago. I'll still wear them when wearing a dress - which I avoid for the most part, but it happens.  98% of the time, I'm in my flats, and I'll let you in on a little secret:  no one cares!

I'm over this low-waisted look. From muffin-top to...shall I say over-sharing, there's just way too much cause for undue stress when the pants are too low. And, as a friend says, no one over the age of 12 should wear skinny jeans (I'd say, 18, but okay). Yet, whenever I go shopping, I'm hard-pressed to find any pants that are otherwise.

To be clear, I don't wear clothes (or shoes) that make me feel frumpy. It has to be something I actually like. And most of the time, I even pass the Sylvia test!

Moms are under enough stress. We're figuring out how to be two places at once, we're trying to be attentive to our children while giving them enough space to avoid "helicopter" accusations, we're constantly re-working our budgets to make room for our kids' wants and needs along with the food and housing, while still trying to maintain strong relationships with our families and friends. Like Jessica, all I really want in a pair of pants are decent pockets.


Missy June said...

I'm so amazed at the continuing obsession of our society with body shapes ... too fat, too thin, too old, too soft, too bony. Does anyone just accept who they are, aiming to be healthy?

I love heals, so I wear them. I hate mascara and gave it up years ago. No one notices or cares!

Tara R. said...

I'm not totally detached from the thought that I don't like the numbers on my clothing tags, but I would rather deal with that than try to pound myself into clothing that obviously doesn't fit just to say I still wear XYZ sizes.

I want to look age appropriate while still being comfortable. That's not always easy when few designers offer styles that 'fit' that description. Especially for older women.

I would settle for a pair of pants with decent pockets too.

Pippi said...

Lol. It might be easy for me to say since I'm a string bean, but I felt the same way after my kids were born. There was just too much else to worry about besides body image. And I am about 35 pounds lighter now (not counting the 14 pounds of pregnancy) than I was after my last birth. :)

Anonymous said...

I can completely relate to this post, through people watching at the girls' school. I am amazed by how moms feel pressured to present themselves as "perfectly hip." It is always about how they look, how in shape they are, yadda-yadda.

Back in June I attended a birthday party with Skylar and Claire. I was wearing a pair of dress slacks and tank, with a loose shaw-like sweater, and an expensive necklace I got as a gift. One of the "room moms" whom had always avoided asking for my help in classroom parties, approached me about helping with the End of Year party. I can guarantee if I had been wearing my usual jeans and t-shirt she would have never approached me. But because I looked styling, and even better, like I had MONEY, I was suddenly someone worthy of helping.

BigLittleWolf said...

"from muffin top to ... over-sharing" - Love it!

Yes, we mothers do have enough stress already, without feeling like we have to resemble high school cheerleaders.

Laura Sage said...

Yeah, I've never been concerned about body image either - until the last few months (since I turned 40, actually). Now all of a sudden I'm worried about my lack of defined abs, my wider-than-a-12-year-old's thighs, and and and...

How does a young-ish (yes, I still think 40 is young) single mom afford decent clothes without shopping at places like "Forever 21"? But those stores seem to ONLY sell skinny jeans!!

I don't care about pockets. I just want my ass to look good :-)