Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's time. I'm off to the Yahoo! Mother Board summit. I am so very excited to see those that I know, and meet those that I don't. And abso-friggin-lutely looking forward to 2 days off from motherhood. To, you know, talk about being a mom!

It'll be even crazier, I think, than any PTA Convention. (If you've been, you know we fully take advantage of the bar at those, too!) There's talk of crafting parties, karaoke parties, not to mention the conferences, cocktail hour, and Ladies Night Out arranged by Yahoo!

We'll also be talking about social media, cyber safety, and, of course, Yahoo! products and services. We'll be Twittering the whole time, so please join the party virtually: #ymotherboard.

Is that not enough April while I'm gone? Fine, then, catch up with the continuing series of my story at Since My Divorce, and my latest rant at Parentella. Even I'm sick of me after all that!

I look forward to catching up with everyone soon.

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