Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: mixing work and family

This week was less eventful - and that's a good thing! Work continues to keep my very busy during the day. I always have over 1,000 posts in my Reader these days, but thanks to the guest post by Molly on Florinda's blog, I now have a much more organized way of dealing with them. Feedly has become my new best friend. Although I confess, I didn't really delete any blogs. Rather, I added some in order to get to know the Yahoo! Mother Board members that I'll be meeting very, very soon. (So excited!)

Saturday, we spent the evening at my boss's house for our summer get-together. We all had so much fun! This is how I know we work somewhere very special; we're all so pleased to spend time together even outside of our workweek! The kids especially all had a good time swimming together. He has a beautiful backyard, and a beautiful pool, complete with a water slide. Of course the kids had fun, right? Excellent food, excellent wine, great complaints whatsoever.

Except that it was actually drizzling when we got there! I have no idea what's happening here in SoCal. May Grey and June Gloom are quite common, but we're going to have to come up with some catch-phrase for rain in July if this keeps up! It's not really a complaint, mind you, just confusing.

That reminds me: there was an earthquake this week, too. It was a fun, rolling one. It seemed to last quite a while, but not long enough for my colleague and I to interrupt our conference call. The girls didn't even feel it where they were.

Sylvia had another audition Sunday morning. Riley spent the night at my parents' since we had to be up and in Orange County quite early. I was glad when they kicked all the parents out and told us to come back in 2 hours. Thanks to my GPS, I found the nearest Starbucks and actually had 2 hours to myself to read! (Book posts coming soon.) What was also nice was when we returned, they let us see the kids do the dance combination they'd learned. Sylvia did very well. We have no idea if she got it or not, but aren't really thinking about it. We mainly went so she could get more auditioning experience under her belt.

Now we're all just chillin' at home, enjoying the free time left in our weekend.

The girls will be seeing their dad soon (if he remains free, that is), and are excited about that. They're also excited to see their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I will be nearby, but hopefully, not needed. I'm not stressing...yet.

Right now, I'm just trying to enjoy the fact that I feel like me again; not too overwhelmed, just the right amount!


Debbie said...

LOL at your "fun" earthquake comment. From a midwest girl, it sounds weird to hear a quake described as fun. That is a new one for me.

Glad yo are enjoying chilling on a Sunday night - we are in the same mode...except for a big scrapbooking project that I have to finish by tomorrow!

The Bumbles said...

Oh April I'm so glad the Reader tips that I shared are working well for you! I also love that you found bonus reading time during the audition. That unexpected free time is the best kind of all :0)

Florinda said...

I have become a huge Feedly fan myself - we owe Molly a big thank-you for that one!

If there is such a thing as a "fun" earthquake, this week's probably qualified :-).

Mandy said...

LOL about the posts in the "to be read" pile! I use Google reader and these days it's hovering around 500. I do have a system of folders so I prioritize which ones to read and I did just recently unsubscribe from a few.

Also, a friend shared Feed Demon with me - that allows you to catch up offline - I'm still experimenting with it but sounds like it would be a good productivity tool.

... I just want a way of making the rest of the world stand still while I catch up :)

Unknown said...

A fun rolling earth quake?! Hilarious.