Monday, July 12, 2010

I was a lady who lunches for a day

After a work function off-site, one of the VPs announced we needed lunch. She picked the place, a 5-star "quaint" French restaurant in a high-end neighborhood. I, of course, had never heard of it, but the VP said many order picnics from there to take to the Hollywood Bowl. She hadn't ever been there, either, but she'd enjoyed such picnics before.

We noticed that this was definitely a place for "ladies who lunch." There was a table next to us outside on the patio with about 7 women, all dressed to the nines, enjoying champagne and laughter with their meal. Almost all of the tables were full of such women. I suppose we looked like we were like them - except our dress was more SFW than sundresses.

We marveled at the amount of women who fit this bill. It wasn't a criticism or judgment of them, mind you, it was just an observation that, even in this economy, there seem to be plenty of women who can enjoy this lifestyle.

Later, I was talking to my mom about my day, and was about to tell her our observations. I'd just gotten the name of the restaurant out, and my mother exclaimed, "I've been there! I love that place! I go there with my girlfriends and we drink mimosas."

Who knew I was related to a lady who lunches?


Tara R. said...

I want to be a lady who lunches... but I think I'd need a whole new wardrobe first. I'm a jeans and tees kinda girl.

MindyMom said...

Hope you enjoyed it!