Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Late Weekend Wrap-Up

I am hopeful that a week from now, my home DSL problems will be a thing of the past. I finally broke down and called ATT again this weekend, and they said it's definitely a line issue so they're sending someone out next Monday. In the meantime, I am still infuriatingly without internet access at home so please forgive me for all the posts of yours that I haven't read.

We had a really, really great weekend. It didn't go as expected. My parents were supposed to take the girls for a weekend vacation, but because of my dad's health issues, that got postponed. I'd already requested Friday off for a vacation day, so I went ahead and took the girls to Disneyland instead.

We had the best time! Sometimes when we go, it feels like we spent all day there and maybe went on 5 rides, but this time we went on tons of rides (oops, sorry, attractions) plus they played and we got chill time. It was also an historic visit since Sylvia was tall enough this time to drive her own car at Autopia! Riley and I had the car behind her, and I must say, I was pretty impressed with her abilities. She said she loved it, especially since she had a little bag with her that she put beside her on the passenger side (just like I put my purse), and she felt like a Mom.

We stayed until nearly midnight, and little Riley could barely walk up to the apartment when we got home. She's too big for me to carry anymore, so I had to wake her, but she was falling all over herself like she was drunk! It would've been funnier if she weren't so pathetic-looking.

The rest of the weekend, we had no plans, and we had a nice balanced :) weekend of housework, relaxation, and family time.

My dad is doing much better, but we're still frustrated since we still don't know what was wrong with him in the first place. We're hoping that the blood tests he took with his regular doctor yesterday will yield some answers...hoping, but our expectations are reasonably low.

I'll have some pics to post after my DSL issues get settled (IF they get settled).

Oh, and to back up a little, our weekend actually started on Thursday with Sylvia's award ceremony. Through a contest at the Club, Sylvia won 2nd place (out of about 25 entries) for an art contest! Not sure if I should name the sponsoring company or not, but let's just say it was a network known for animation, and they had 3 professional animators judge the work so it was quite an honor for her! I hope to be able to post her pic with her winning entry later this week.

So even though my X is a prick (and thanks, all, for your support in that!), he still can't ruin this family.


Kori said...

Your last line said it all. Love you!

FreedomFirst said...

So glad you had a fun day.

MindyMom said...

Weird, I've had technolgy problems plagueing me for a month now. Cable, internet, my blackberry...etc. Very frustrating.

Left you an award on my blog today

Natalie said...

That last line, like Kori said...PERFECT.

Fingers crossed you get results with the blood tests yesterday.

And WTG Sylvia for getting to drive by yourself! I can't wait to see her artwork!

Jen said...

So glad you had such a blast on Friday and CONGRATS to Sylvia!

I hope they find out what the trouble was with your dad, and I hope it's something very, very minor and easily fixable.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Sylvia!!! Disney is GRAND, hope your dad is OK, have a fantastic July 4 weekend!

Shiona said...

Yay for a great start to the weekend! As for your X you pretty much covered that. Congrats Sylvia!