Friday, June 19, 2009

A Weekend Without Kids

Usually, once (or twice) during the summer, my parents and/or some other loving family members offer to take the girls on vacation. Without me. How lovely! Of course, I love my kids, but every now and then, this single mom needs a break that doesn't include work!

Such a weekend will be coming up in just 7 days (not that I'm counting or anything). And herein lies the question.

What am I going to do? Other than one outing with a friend and maybe a trip to the grocery store, all I want to do is stay home.

I know staycations are now the "in" thing to do, but I've preferred them for years! Of course, I always have lofty ideas on what I'll do while the girls are gone. Rearrange the furniture, go through their clothes and get a Goodwill donation together, vacuum under the beds, go out and see a movie by myself.

And yet, what I'll most likely end up doing is sitting on my couch, perhaps knitting, but mostly watching movies and the stupidest of stupid TV shows I can stomach.

And when the day of their arrival home comes, I'll start kicking myself for all that I didn't get done. I really should've gone through my file cabinet and tossed paperwork from over 7 years ago. I should've written 10 posts to save and publish later. I should've cleaned out my email inbox at least!

But then the girls will be home, and I'll hug them and none of the should'ves will matter anymore!

Originally posted on LA Moms Blog, June 19, 2009.

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