Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Belated weekend wrap-up

I admit, I was enjoying a quiet weekend at home. Didn't feel much like being on the computer, but preferred to spend most of it enjoying the solitude. The girls went horse-back riding with the Club on Sat., and then had a birthday party to attend on Sunday, so I just sort of reveled in that!

I finished the book, The Case Against Homework. I'm sure I will be writing several posts about the book and homework in general in the future. Right now, I'll just say that I highly recommend the author's blog, Stop Homework, as well as the book.

The girls are out of school for the year. They had their last day last week, and are happily enjoying their summer at the Boys & Girls Club.

It does not feel at all like summer in SoCal right now. We've had many dreary days, and today there's a light mist in the air. I'm fine with the precipitation, but I just wish it were more like a warm summer thunderstorm like I remember from my days in Pittsburgh. That's the best thing I can say about Pittsburgh.

I don't think I'll do a separate post on the Tony's this year, but man, I was emotional throughout them! I cried several times, starting with after the opening number. I know, weird.

Maybe part of that is because we're going to New York for Christmas!! I cannot wait to be back in the City! My parents and I had planned to take the girls for 2010, but then, we all got too anxious and decided to go this year instead. My mom already got tickets for us to go to Radio City Music Hall on Xmas Day, which is one of the NY experiences I haven't done yet. I'll be adding a countdown here very, very soon.

I've also been spending more time lately with actual interaction rather than virtual. I got to see Natalie again last week, which was great. And I saw one of my best friends from high school, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We're already planning a night out together. I also got to lunch with the fabulous Jessica Gottlieb yesterday.

The girls did an amazing job at their showcase a couple of weeks ago, and I was thrilled that Sylvia's former principal came (as well as my parents, and another family friend) to cheer them on. It was a really wonderful night.

I've just been feeling so rich lately...rich in the friendships and truly amazing people that we have in our lives. And just content with my life.

I know that the last time I said this, I had a major shoe drop on me, and I'm cognizant of the possibility that it could happen again. But reading those again, I realize I'm in a completely different place now than I was then.

For me, letting go of the belief system that everything happens for a reason has been a major release. I mentioned, in an entirely different context, to some people that life is all just good times and bad times, with some fairly stable conditions thrown in every now and then. We all suffer pain, we all experience joy. None of us are immune. Somehow, I find that comforting. I no longer wonder what I did in a past life to deserve certain things, or anything like that.

We'll see if I sing a different tune when the next bad thing comes up, but today, I am good. Not great, not believing that life is heaven on earth, but quietly content.


Kori said...

Quietly content is perfect!

FreedomFirst said...

Now see, I do believe that everything happens for a reason - I just don't think that reason necessarily has anything to do with us. Certainly not with whether or not we deserve it. I think the grand scheme is so much bigger than us that individuals are going to fall victim to the process here and there. It's not pretty, but it's inevitable.

Natalie said...

Ahh, quietly content is a wonderful state of mind. Enjoy it without worry!

Dingo said...

Your coming to NYC for Christmas?! Woohoo! No pressure if you can't find time to fit me into your tightly packed schedule. No pressure at all. Nope. None.

But on a note that's not all about me...quietly content is definitely a good thing. Enjoy it. You've certainly earned it.

Dingo said...

"You're coming..." I meant to write "you're coming..." Ugh, one of my grammar pet peeves.

Jen said...

I'm sure the NYC trip will be a BLAST!

Quietly content is a great state to be in.

Suzie said...

That book is great. This push for so much homework is insane. Cant wait to read your posts about it

MindyMom said...

Yes, you said this in a comment on one of my posts "not everything happens for a reason". And you're right. Sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes people just suck and it always bothers me when someone suggests I somehow brought that on myself. I've made mistakes, yes, but I am not to blame for what other people do simply because they can and want to. Ever since you wrote that on my blog I have been more at peace too. Thank you April. I always appreciate your perspective.

Laura said...

"We all suffer pain, we all experience joy. None of us are immune." I hear a show tune coming. I can see it now. A woman sitting on a beach, watching two girls cavorting, while she slowly stands up and embraces the world--not her past or her future, her quiet contentment.

Now I'll need to watch the Tony's next year.

Don Mills Diva said...

You sound so calm and centred April - I wish I felt that way but just reading about it here is a bit of a balm for my soul.

May you feel that way for a long, long time.

dadshouse said...

I don't worry about past lives. Though I have done a past life regression - that was fascinating! I just try to create good karma moving forward.

jenn said...

Hooray for content!