Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Girls' Fallen Hero

You may recall that Riley got a chance to meet Michael Phelps. At the time, Sylvia was bummed that she didn't get there in time to meet him, as they'd cheered him on during his victories.

We hadn't really spoken about the news about Phelps and honestly, it hadn't even occurred to me they'd have an opinion about it. But the other morning, we were watching the news and someone said something about Phelps being a disappointment to the youngsters. All of a sudden, Sylvia (who was half-asleep) shoots up in bed, pointing at the TV and saying (in a voice that sounded much like my own), "Yes! Yes!"

At first, I didn't even know what she was talking about. So I probed, and it turns out that both of my daughters are incredibly disappointed in Phelps, who had been a hero to both of them.

I'm sure this relates to their father, and their disappointment with him, too. I'm sure that, for Sylvia, it's easier to take out all of her anger onto Michael Phelps than her father.

But I'm kinda glad that the anger's there, at least.


won said...

Isn't that the truth, about being glad the anger is there? It is so much better than the alternative, which is to turn it inward and wait for it to fester and grow.

I am glad they are angry too. I am glad they care.

Kori said...

Ah, I heart your girl! Though I hate myself for actually writing that.

Shiona said...

Yes it is high time we hold those who make more than us accountable. My cousins loved Chris Brown. But in light of recent events my aunt and uncle have taken away his CD's and anything else that evokes him. They explained everything and my cousins totally understood :)

jenn said...

It's so hard, as a child, to watch your heros fall. One of the bad parts of growing up. Like you said though, it's probably good that there is anger there. And maybe it's good that they can express their anger toward MP that might really be directed at their dad. It's an outlet right?

Me. Here. Right now. said...

It's hard rationalizing it to them - that that's what kids do often - it isn't right, you hope they won't, and they often do disappoint us with their choices - but maybe the overarching message would be that Mike's mom still loves him - people make mistakes, he admitted his mistakes, and as human beings none of us are perfect, takes the lumps for his mistakes, and if he learns from his mistakes and starts doing the right thing - then he's done it well. I'd be holding him up as an example in the right thing to do after making a stupid mistake.

FreedomFirst said...

I'm sorry they lost a hero. But it is good to see your kids grow up a little with each new revelation. I think the thing was blown out of proportion, but hey, that's the risk you take when you have a big expensive promotional contract. Gotta toe that line.

Hmm. Captcha - consc. Like "consequences."

Tara R. said...

Unlike baseball and football stars who seem so unattainable, I saw Phelps as more the kid next door too. I can completely understand how kids would take his drug use more personally. I hope your girls can find a way through that anger, whoever it's really directed toward.