Monday, February 16, 2009

Hope everyone was able to enjoy a long 3-day weekend. Ours has been nice and quiet for the most part.

Sylvia went to her second-ever dance on Valentine's Night with a friend and seemed to have a good time. I was especially touched that she brought back Riley some Oreos, Riley's version of crack that hasn't been around the house in quite some time.

Otherwise, we kept forgetting it was Valentine's Day, or maybe, we were just done celebrating. Riley's class had their party on Friday and I'd written my own thoughts on the subject already. Other than exchanging hugs and kisses, that was pretty much it for us.

Speaking of Riley, I got a call from her teacher the other day to say that Riley is doing much better lately, and to keep it up. Good news indeed on the school front! And Sylvia got to go to a special As breakfast - the kids who got As on their report card are invited early, and the teachers cook. Sylvia's favorite was the chocolate chip pancakes.

I'm finding it hard to write again. A surprising thing for me, but I'm actually trying to avoid confrontation. I've read some things lately on blogs that have made me cringe, some very harsh judgments without concern of others that has made me wonder about the feeling of community I usually cherish here in the blogosphere.

Now we all know that I have no problem spouting my own opinion, nor do I have a problem reading other people's opinions, even when they differ from my own. But this is different. This is name-calling cruelty, with a sort of perverse pleasure in hurting others. And it's especially disturbing that it's usually in the form of women attacking other women.

I don't want to get too specific because I do want to avoid confrontation. And that's more of what I want to talk about. I used to thrive in calling people on stuff. Not necessarily in a mean, attacking manner, but saying, hey - I disagree and this is why. Now, I just get tired at the thought. I haven't figured out yet if it's wisdom that comes with age, or sheer timidity and being beaten down. Part of it comes from fear - at the attack turning personal against me, and that's not too comforting to me, either. I don't like making decisions based on fear. Then again, maybe it's wise not to engage.

I don't know yet. Still pondering...

But not to get too down and maudlin. I have been neglecting some awards that have been given to me lately.

Thank you, Florinda, for this lovely award:

What's this prize all about?

The Prémio Dardos is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web.

I'd like to pass this on to:

Kori - of course! Kori is just always there for me, day in, day out. She's the one to whom I can say anything. She doesn't always agree with me, but it's never diminished - in fact it's probably strengthened - our bond.

Natalie at From Here to There: Natalie's also been there for me. Sadly for her readers, she's decided to hang up her blogging spurs for now, ergo no link to her site anymore. But she's gone from a bloggy friend to an IRL friend, and I know we'll still be corresponding and I hope we get to hang out again.

O Solo Mama: we're still very new to each other, but I'm so glad Kori introduced me to her blog. I look forward to getting to know her better.

Thanks to Kasey at Simply Crazy Life for this award:

This one goes to:

won at Single, Bereaved, Broken and Tenacious: her story will break your heart, but her warmth and strength will get it pumping again.

Dingo at As I Was Saying: Dingo is funny, brilliant, and opinionated without being a bitch. Gotta love it.

Laura at Rebellious Thoughts of A Woman: I couldn't live her life for a week, and as hard as it can be, she's still funny and strong.

I admire all of these women for their honesty and spirit.


Anonymous said...

I'm here! What a lovely surprise and prize. Thank you.

Regarding your post, I had someone say something negative about me that really jogged me from my complacency that it's kind of kumbaya land out here. It's so easy on a blog to read and comment if what you have to say is worthwhile, but to just read and leave without commenting if you don't have anything positive to say. We're here because we need to connect, so why, why try to break down people?

Anonymous said...

I started losing the feeling of community a while back, so I get it. I wasn't able to write about what I wanted to write about for a long time.

We had a lovely weekend. Went to a wedding on Valentine's day and danced my tail off like I haven't done in YEARS. And Alexander had just as good of a time!

Sunday, I went into work (yay!) and today I got four teeth pulled from my head. (DOUBLE YAY!).

I'm all vicodined up right now so I hope this makes sense.

Shiona said...

That does suck in the whole confrontational thing. I thought this was a place to get away. I'll chalk it up to old man winter. Once there's more sunshine and warmth that's bound to change people's attitudes for the better. Congrats on your awards. Can't wait to go see the blogs.

Anonymous said...

That was so sweet of Sylvia! I'm pretty sure that I would've had the best of intentions but probably would've eaten the Oreos on the way home.

Thanks for the award, lady! I appreciate it. I especially like the "opinionated without being a bitch" part. So, without further ado, who's been giving your problems? I can chew them a new asshole but I won't be a bitch about it. I'll just be very opinionated.

Suzie said...

Now I wanna know what your talking about. I know thats bad form but i do

won said...

Thank you April.

For the award (my first ever!) and also for the realization it helped to foster.

I blogged about it today.

The lesson is invaluable. Thank you. Hugely!

Oh, am I "supposed" to do anything with this award?

Gledwood said...

How come you get a 3-day weekend? You are in America, I assume? I'm a Brit, so whatever holiday you get I'm totally unfamiliar with I'm afraid...

Gledwood said...

ps I dropped in here at random via friends of friends' blogs etc... I must say that Honest Scrapper Award I won it too, and tried to trace it back to its source but just couldn't do it ~ too very complicated...

Meg said...

I've run into some conflicts in the blogosphere and I always find myself trying to be peacemaker. Guess I've got experience in it--having three kids.

Kori said...

Thanks so much; you are the best.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, I was reading a newspaper article today (GASP, reading a newspaper!) that was talking about these internet-type issues. On the web people lose a sense of decorum because they are invisible. There is no sense of accountability...few people take the time (I think, could be wrong though) or make the effort to trace comments back to their IP addresses and then find out who actually resides at that address. And what would you really do then?

On the web, you can virtually say and do what you want in freedom...unless you troll for 12 year old girls or little boys to victimize or plan to do something dastardly to the USA...writers get a free ride...and that is a shame.

People really should have the cahones (did I spell that right?) to OWN what they write and be willing to take the salt on the wound that might come from less than intelligent comments.

Ah yes, FIRST AMENDMENT...but there is this little thing called civility too.

Anyhow, you do a wonderful job expressing yourself in a most poignant and salient way...that is why people enjoy following you!

Keep it up, even if you need a bit of R & R for the brain cells to start manufacturing prose again :P