Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've been playing too many games of Freecell, trying to figure out how to write this post without sounding too much like a Pollyanna. I showed RadDude my post about him, and he said he threw up in his mouth a little. Truth be told, someone too happy can annoy the crap out of me. Those who know me in real life, and Kori, will know exactly who I mean!

But I must face it. I am happy at the moment.

Miss Riley had more publicity, we learned. She's on the brochure for this year's Say No to Drugs race that we go to every year with my parents:

And their episode of Clean House Comes Clean was on again this weekend. Now, at least, I have it on a videotape.

Sylvia had her own big moment, too. She went to her first middle school dance last night.

I barely got this pic, as she hated it when I started getting all sentimental about her first dance, but she indulged me.

Oddly enough, her behavior for most of the day leading up to it was more immature than I've seen in a while, but I guess that's par for the course as she struggles to accept her own developmental growth. I did get her to clean their room first, at least.

For the most part, I think I'm handling her growing up pretty well, if I say so myself! She also wants to try out for cheerleading. I'm a little scared, frankly, but I do think it's good for her to get involved with something and this is the first thing that's come along. I'm very very nervous about the cost, though. The uniform costs $400.

But back to the dance.

I told her before we left that I was letting her go because she'd earned my trust that she wouldn't do anything that she shouldn't, and I trust that she will not break that trust. I made sure she had money and her cell phone. She reluctantly let me help pick her outfit.

As we were driving up, she was getting nervous because most of the girls she saw (1) she didn't know, and (2) were wearing shorts or pants, not dresses or skirts. We'd agreed that I'd pick her up at nine (even though the dance lasted until 9:50 - she was the one who said nine), but I'd told her she could call me at any time if she wanted to leave early. I was glad to see a cop there.

I reminded her as she was getting out of the car that she could call and I'd get her early. She said, with a dry tone, "can I call you now?" But she got out of the car, and made her way in. I checked my phone about a dozen times every ten minutes. I remembered that fear of first walking in the door, all by yourself, hoping to see a familiar face and soon! She must've found one, I guessed, since my phone stayed silent.

When we came back just a few minutes before nine, they wouldn't let parents in, but I could see a large crowd dancing. I knew she was somewhere in the middle of it all, having the time of her life. I tried calling and texting, all the while knowing it wouldn't do any good. As Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" started to play, all of the girls flocked to the dance floor, and soon all the 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Burbank could be heard screeching out the chorus. Another mom and I laughed.

Eventually, she made her way off the dance floor, and when she saw me, I was pleased to see she was ready to go, without protesting at all. As we got in the car, she started talking about how she couldn't wait to go to bed! I started wishing there were middle school dances every night.

I'm so impressed with the young lady she's becoming. Today, she's been a pleasure to be around; both to me and her sister.

We went to a "musical petting zoo" this afternoon, upon Riley's request. The local music store has a clinic where they let the kids try out the instruments. Sylvia tried the flute, and Riley tried the sax. Then they both tried the cello, violin, and Sylvia tried her hand at the viola. Finally (after another family bogarded the brass section for about a half-hour - not that I'm bitter or anything), they tried the trombone and trumpet. I was most impressed by Riley. She got all of the instruments to sound like something. Sylvia looked like her head was going to explode trying the trumpet!

I'd warned Riley that I wasn't going to be able to buy anything today so she brought her journal and made notes of all the instruments she liked. Needless to say, she liked them all. A previous teacher had recommended the violin for Riley (and she'd taken some Suzuki violin in kindergarten) so I'm going to try and steer her in that direction.

Oh, and one last bit of news. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this, but it's because I'm so excited. Florinda and I are going to see 9 to 5 the Musical together! She will be the first bloggy friend I meet IRL and I can't wait. But, alas, I have to wait a couple more weeks now. Still, it should be a fun night.

Wow, this is really really long. Sorry 'bout that.


Anonymous said...

So glad she had fun at the dance!!!

I'm so excited you're going to get to meet a bloggy friend irl...yeah!!!!! It's so much fun. Although I don't imagine y'alls night will end like mine did...


MarĂ­a said...

She sounds like such a sweet girl! And I'm glad she had a good time at the dance. :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it was quite a weekend! I don't know how you fit it all in.

I'm totally green that I won't be the first bloggy friend you meet. :P

Florinda said...

I mentioned going to the show with you in my response to a comment on my blog tonight (to someone else who's going, but not on the same night), but you beat me to an "official" announcement :-). Looking forward to meeting you in two weeks!

FreedomFirst said...

Wow, that's really cool! I always wanted to play the flute, but it wasn't until after I left home that my parents had the money to invest in instruments. My brothers took up the guitar on their own, with the help of our math tutor; and one of them now plays banjo as well, and another plays bass, and another the violin. One of my sisters plays violin also, and all of my sisters play piano, as well as my second youngest brother.

I wish I had taken the opportunity to learn piano when my Mom tried to teach me, so that I would be able to play at least one instrument now. I never liked the sound of a piano much, and reading music was like Greek to me; so I just didn't really make an effort at all. I can play by ear, but only one-handed. If I can ever afford it, I still want to learn the flute.

Suzie said...

What a great dance. You are very mature too. I would cry and cry. Middle school and dances wow

Jen said...

First middle school dance - a HUGE stepping stone! It sounds like Sylvia handled it with great maturity (and so did you, Mom), but I'm not surprised about the immaturity beforehand. I was just on Virtual Sprite's blog where she described her middle school girl's mood swings as causing her whiplash. Good analogy, that. It's normal, normal, normal, lol. Not fun, exactly, but normal.

Sounds like a great weekend all-in-all. And ENJOY 9-to-5. I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Aww Middle School Dances. So glad things are good for you right now.

Loth said...

Oh my word. School dances. I still have all that in front of me. It will be easier with boys, right?

Anonymous said...

I hope she keeps a journal of all her experiences. It will be interesting for you to read about them when she goes off to college and you find them hidden at the back of her closet.

I'm so glad she had fun at her middle school dance.

Kori said...

I hate that someome else gets to meet you first. I am going to go sulk now.