Thursday, January 31, 2008

My First Blog Award!

Thank you so much, Lunanik, for my very first blog award!

I think the last award I won was my senior year in high school when I was named Cruise Director of the Year from the dinner cruise ship where I worked.

Now comes the really fun part - passing the award on to other bloggers.

My favorite place to go for a quick laugh: Overheard Lines.

A great writer and fellow Starbucks lover: Latte Mommy.

My very best "web" friend, a fellow single mother, who consistently and so courageously shares from the deepest depths of her soul: Kori J.

Thanks again, Lunanik. And thank you to all my readers. That anyone takes the time to read this means more to me than I can express.


John said...

Secret admirer here.

Anonymous said...

Hey-why do YOU get a secret admirer and I don't? Life really isn't fair. I think it is because you "stole" my great coffee quote. You know I love you-and your blog IS excellent!