Sunday, January 13, 2008

Attempting to Change the Blog Subject!

Okay, it's been way too much about single parenting on my blog lately!

In an attempt to lighten it up a little, I'll share a proud Sylvia moment - she can brew my coffee now!! I was relaxing on the sofa the other night and really wanted some decaf, but not wanting to get up to make it, I said to Sylvia (in the same kind of way I sometimes tell my cat to do something for me), "go make me coffee, honey." She perked up (ooh, sorry about that). "Can I?"

I told her I'd need to watch her this time around - my coffee is not a place for mistakes. She actually did know exactly how to do it! How many scoops I use, how much water...but as she said, she's seen me do this hundreds of times (which most likely is an understatement).

I am no longer the only one in the house who can make coffee! YAY!!!


LunaNik said...

oooo that's sooo exciting!! i'm totally looking forward to the days when L can brew coffee for me!!

Anonymous said...

Growing up - on Christmas morning we weren't allowed to open presents until everyone was out if bed, so if we wanted our parents to get out of bed my brother and I had to learn how to make coffee - it has been a very handy skill to have in life, you are teaching her well! :)