Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Post of 2007

I know, momentous, right?
Well, I'm finally starting to feel like me again...I think that's a good thing!
Okay, so 2007 wasn't marked by any great accomplishments for me. But it could've been much, much worse.
I'm not big on resolutions, but I do think of this time of year as a time of reflection, which can lead to goals.
I started this year thinking I wanted to be a paralegal, but a few classes showed me that if I'm going to pursue a better career in law, it would have to be as a lawyer. Which is not an option right now.
Come to think of it, I did keep a goal. Once I decided not to complete my paralegal classes, I told myself to wait at least a year (which would end in the summer of '08) before pursuing any new path or direction. So I guess I'm halfway there!
2007 was really about Sylvia. I started the year freaking out about her middle school education. She's now in my dream middle school, KIPP LA Prep. They've been excellent to her, and most distinctly different by making me feel like I finally have true partners in her education. And they've become friends as well.
Sylvia closed the year learning some difficult truths about her father, but couldn't have handled it better. By me not being in school anymore, I'm able to be there with her every school night, and she has told me how much it means to her that I'm there. I'd say 2007 was a major bonding year for the two of us, and gives me hope for the coming years with her.
2007 was also the year that I made "online-only" friends, and they've been great. Kori, Nikki, Christy, Kate, the ladies on the AP group, and all my other CafeMoms and Zoom ladies...they've all shown me new ways of looking at things, and let me into their worlds, and been there for me in ways that have been much appreciated. And the internet has kept me close to those friends in real life that are far away. Pretty cool.
Then there are the people at work that have been there for me for years now. It's a pretty awesome group of people that I get to see every day.
2007 was also the year I got to move back home. There should be more demons here, but there aren't. I guess all the good vibes were too strong for the bad ones. And I'm so silly, I still get excited about getting to park my car in a garage, run the dishwasher, do the laundry inside without quarters...
So it's already 2008 in part of the my fave MD said, I am SO last year right now! And, truthfully, I thought I'd be sadder right now. I thought that I'd be thinking more about what I lack than what I have. But I guess I've thought about that enough lately. Right now, I'm fully appreciating all that I have. Not as much as some, but definitely more than others. And I'm proud right now. I still have a few more obstacles to go, a few more challenges to meet...and I guess I always will. Still and all, for now, it's good.
Happy New Year!!

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LunaNik said...

Happy New Year! I've only been back a few days and I've already tagged you with a meme...hehehe =)