Sunday, December 9, 2007


Have you seen those commercials where they say they live in [shorten the name of various cities and countries and put in all one word] land? I think it's for cellular service.
Well, my land is here on the world wide web.
This week alone, I've been involved in online discussions about abortion, tax and health care reform, separation of church and state, deadbeat dads, female suicide bombers, the gag rule, Xmas wars, gay marriage, the shooter in Texas, the London baby, the MySpace mom, the 6-year-old arrested for a felony tantrum, vegan eating and the dangers of dairy, the Catholic priests guilty of child molesting, the cult that encouraged raising "sexual children," best and worst business stories of 2007, life insurance options, and had a tiramisu thrown at me.
And yet...still can't think of anything to write here!

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