Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward

This was photo was taken 4 years ago, just days after the election. Bonnie, her husband Richard, the girls and I attended a protest against Prop 8. Equal marriage rights had been defeated, and we felt the need to speak out.

Bonnie was a fierce supporter of gay rights. She can rest easier now that at least two states have won gay marriage rights by popular vote.

I can hear her telling me, "I told you so!" I wouldn't have believed it. Prop 8 was incredibly difficult for me to swallow and put quite the dimmer on Obama's first presidential victory.

I do find it fitting that Maine is one of the states. Bonnie's mother lived in Maine before Bonnie moved her out here to see her through her final days.

So we're still waiting here in CA for equality, but I'm so glad I have this picture and this memory of us fighting together.

Victory at last, Bonnie. Peace and love are in abundance, and I know that's what your heart desired.

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