Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Open Letter to LAUSD, especially Steve Zimmer*

*Slightly edited, here's the email I sent to all the LAUSD board members:

I'm a parent with a daughter attending a charter school, and I am writing to strongly, vehemently oppose Zimmer's resolution regarding charter schools.

Mr. Zimmer, I take this assault on my daughter's education quite personally and I am absolutely furious that you are trying to take away my opportunity to provide my daughter with the absolute best education that she can get.

I'm a single parent of two daughters. My daughters have attended public schools in both LAUSD and Burbank Unified, as well as two charter schools and an alternative high school.

My daughter's experience thus far at her charter school has been the absolute best by far. She finished 6th grade with straight As, something she never had accomplished in public schools. She is engaged in after-school activities, and she is absolutely thriving there.

On my income, I make too much to qualify for financial assistance scholarships, but not nearly enough to afford two college educations. My daughter has a much brighter future, thanks to her charter school.

Her teachers are amazing, the principal is fair, and the entire atmosphere is one that encourages learning on the deepest level possible. I feel supported as a parent; that I have a true partner in my daughter's education.

I understand that LAUSD, as well as other districts, as well as this entire state is in deep financial trouble. I see no reason to drain resources into this resolution. LAUSD has more than enough on its plate as it is.

Charter schools will fail if parents and students are disappointed in the results. I drive 3 hours a day to get my daughters to their schools of our choice. There's no rationale for me doing so unless they are working for my children.

I urge all of you to oppose this resolution. Mr. Zimmer, I strongly encourage you to pull it entirely and focus on the schools already in your control. I'm sure the parents and students there would appreciate having your undivided attention.

Thank you,
April McCaffery

The vote has postponed until next month. I hope I can post about a positive outcome then! 

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