Friday, September 21, 2012

Accepting the Gift of Singlehood

This will be the final post for National Unmarried and Singles Week 2012.  

In a single parents online forum, one member wrote that "finding real love and companionship is a gift, and I feel it's up to me when or if I receive it."

For me, trying to remain available for such a "gift" meant keeping a hole in my life. It meant focusing time and energy and attention on this invisible relationship that may or may not come to be.

It meant that my life was somehow incomplete as it was.

Sometimes, closure is good.

Sometimes, accepting exactly where you are is the best step to truly moving forward.

No less importantly, it also means that I get to live a life that few daughters get to see. They don't see me as incomplete or longing or even lonely. They see me dance around the house, enjoying a good moment. They see me laugh with friends and sing on stage and study and work and volunteer and maintain a household.

I want them to be open to accept the gifts of friendship and discovery and trying new things. I want them to be just as crazy busy and happy as we are now for always. I want them to find their own ways to give back to their communities, to express their creativity, and go for their dreams.

I want their lives to feel fulfilled and complete no matter their relationship status.

Happy National Unmarried and Singles Week to all who celebrated! (And yes, that includes anyone that accepts and appreciates that any relationship status can be someone's happily ever after.)

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