Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Next: Back to School

A little history: When I was promoted a few years ago, I was in school to get my paralegal's certificate, and qualified for the position under CA's rule that I was already essentially performing the job. And I have a totally great and supportive boss that seized the opportunity to promote me.

Just a few months later, Sylvia got in a charter school with longer school hours, we moved, and I took a break from school to help Sylvia adjust.

Then the school fell apart, the condo we were renting was sold under us, we moved again, and here we are, about 3 years later, and I never went back to complete my paralegal certificate.

To be fair, I was usually doing more than just working full-time and parenting full-time. I served on the PTA Board, on the girls' after-school advisory board, took the leadership class, did the play, and so forth.

For their first year at their new schools, I didn't want to join any committees just yet. I wanted to get used to the commute, build a new routine, and maybe even enjoy a little down-time, too.

I'm starting to get bored, though. And my wonderful, sweet boss asked me oh-so-nicely if I was finishing up that paralegal certificate. So this will be my new extra-curricular (again).

I'm setting boundaries, though. I will only take one night class per week. If there's a Saturday class, I'll take that, too. My boss has said that I don't have to rush it, just as long as I'm actively working towards it.

I'm really looking forward to it. I already know the environment, so I'm prepared for the bad and the good of this particular school. One quarter, I managed three classes, so I'm fairly confident I can handle the workload of one or two classes at a time.

And, in keeping with my promise to stay honest, I need the discipline. You may have noticed I haven't been writing here as much, nor reading and commenting as much. It's that "body in motion" thing. I need several things going on at once to keep me from getting downright lazy. I like being busy. Not multi-tasking, but constantly asking myself, "what's next?"


Missy June said...

Good for you! I know you'll enjoy continued growth.

Laura said...

It's so nice when we get to the stage where we understand our needs and know how to act on them. That ability to focus is one of the benefits of (what word should I use?) evolving. It's a real "from there to here." Good for you for taking the class and for having such a supportive boss.

I'm taking a class that meets every other week--for me, that's about all I can deal with.

BigLittleWolf said...

That's very cool, April! And I know what you mean about the body in motion thing. The more you do, the more you can do... um, within reason, of course.

TMWHickman said...

Go you! Now I am tired and need a nap.

Lifeofkaylen said...

Nice job!!
I have been saying for years that THIS is the year I will learn Spanish. I have no excuses son is off to college and I have plenty of free time. Nothing holding me back but me!

It's good you have the boundaries - it's so easy to just get busy for the sake of being busy and then suddenly you're just overwhelmed and stressed out. Good luck!