Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Musicals in My Mind

First, the ubiquitous, gee, sorry I haven't been around disclosure. Last week, the girls were out of town visiting X's family (not X; their aunts, etc.), and I took a week off from being a responsible adult. Now, the girls are back in school and I'm back at work and all the craziness that comes with it. Nothing deep or meaningful on my mind. Just musicals, it turns out.

Since I work in real estate, my weekdays consist of addresses, cities, states, and my brain (of its own volition) is coming up with ways to remember my outstanding projects.

I was working on something in Arcadia, and in my mind, Arcadia was sung, as in "Aquarius" from Hair.

When I switched to a property in Pennsylvania, my mind sang, Transylvania (as sung by Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show's "Sweet Transvestite").

Culver City became "Everything's Up to Date in Kansas Culver City" from Oklahoma!

I'm not even trying to make these connections, they just happen. Who knew real estate and Broadway musicals went so well together? My obsessed mind, apparently.

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