Thursday, December 29, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Posts (2011 edition)

Mama’s Losin’ It

1.) This year in blog posts...choose a favorite post from each month of 2011 and share.

Jan. 2011: My Yahoo! Mother Board post on Managing a Paycheck-to-Paycheck Budget was chosen as an editor's pick. (I wrote a follow-up here.)

Feb. 2011: One of my single parent rants.

March 2011: There were 3 in March that I really loved, but I chose Free Spirit. Because I still want to be her when I grow up.

April 2011: While The Latest on Finances is a sort of post that appears in variations throughout this blog's life, BigLittleWolf's comment is what really stuck with me, and makes it worth a re-post.

May 2011: Balance De-Mystified was featured on BlogHer. 

June 2011: Yes, I get a little righteous in After the Dust Has Settled. Probably because I'm right! 

July 2011: How Easily We Become "that" Parent. Just a few harried moments in the life of a single, working mom.

Aug. 2011: Are Single Parent Families Really So Different? Nope, not really.

Sept. 2011: My first post in celebration of National Unmarried and Singles Week, Discovering I'm Single at Heart.

Oct. 2011: Great Memories; Past and Present. That was supposed to be a colon between Memories and Past. Oh well.

Nov. 2011: Stuff I Don't Miss. The advantages of having a tween and teen.

Dec. 2011: Not Over, but Through. Sometimes, you don't just get over it. You get through it.


Amber said...

I left the blogging world for a few years and just came back to it in Feb. I really love this review post prompt because I'm getting to find other cool bloggers to follow and seeing what I missed out on this year. :)

BigLittleWolf said...

I especially loved your "not over, but through" post. Because the fact is, some of us are constantly making our way through the storm(s) and their aftermath(s). "Over" has little to do with it.

You should be very proud of the job you are doing, April. Every. Single. Day.

Wishing you and your girls a wonderful 2012!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading your posts of the year and reading back on your blog a little bit. I especially like the post about balance, it's totally true!

Unknown said...

First visit here, I love the review of the year posts, it makes me take a good look at my year again myself!

Happy New Year from N Ireland.

Maureen | Tatter Scoops said...

Hi April so happy to find your blog. I will poke around and read more. Happy New Year! :)

Dana K said...

Wow. Reading through some of your posts reminds me a lot of my mom & my childhood. Dad left when I was 5 & we were raised by a single mom.e situation was exactly the same but your posts really hit a nerve...especially the one about getting through it instead of over it. I'll never be over all the crap the happened. Great list.