Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Plans & Mission

I know it's not F.A.B. Friday, but I have to get this done.

1-2 Year Plan: For the most part, keep doing what I'm doing. Continue to volunteer and help out where I can on projects that I care about and believe in. Continue to build relationships and not be afraid to put myself out there. (Yes, I have a big mouth, but in person, it takes me slightly longer to speak up and I'm almost never the first to introduce myself to someone new. I need to get better at that.)

2-5 Year Plan: Begin the legal steps to create a 401(c)3 for the benefit and support of single parents and single parent families. Start small projects to start getting the name out there, and write grant applications.

5-10 Year Plan: Keep building the non-profit, partner with other organizations on events to reach more people, maybe bring in other single parents across the country to start their own small projects and obtain their own grants for needs in their area.

10 Year+ Plan: Hire staff, make bigger dreams and bigger goals and have the non-profit organization be nationally known and recognized. Get invited to the White House or to testify in front of Congress.

Mission Statement: My life is about people. They enrich me, and I want to do the same for them. And see a lot of musical theatre.


Penelope said...

I love your mission and plan. If I can be of help, please let me know.

On an unrelated note, I'm 2/3 of the way through ROOM and loving it. Finishing it will be my prize to myself for finishing chores! Thanks again!

singlemama_cc said...

THIS is wonderful! I wish you nothing but continued success in all that you do. You are truly an inspiration~