Saturday, October 23, 2010

Belated F.A.B. Friday

Things were a little too busy for me to post this on Friday. I had my leadership class, and my Riley got home from her 5th grade science camp!! Sylvia and I missed her all week, but, just as I suspected, Riley was having a wonderful time.

As for my update: I've found that what's works better for me is just to do something every day; whether it's going through clothes to get rid of, a stack of papers or toys that the girls have outgrown. It's definitely a SLOW process, but it's a process.

I made plans to go down to my sister's next month, and serendipitously, an old friend called me last weekend and it was great catching up. I'm invited to a luncheon next week, and I will try to be the first to greet at least one person there!

Work is, as always, great. Ups and downs, sure, but I love my job every day. I do need to do more to get ready for our move, though.

And I have to cut this short to spend some quality time with my girls. I hope to have more time to actually write tomorrow!

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