Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're all growing

Riley broke up with her boyfriend earlier this week. He was a little sad, but she explained that she agreed with those who think that she's too young for a boyfriend just yet, and that it's nothing to do with him. (Cracks me up that she's already using "it's not you, it's me.")

And how friggin' cute is she in these outfits?!?

Grocery shopping with them this weekend, I realized just how much more expensive this is going to get, the older they get. On this trip alone, they wanted a new hairbrush, shaving products, hair gel, and other gender-specific items. OMG. This is really happening. Sylvia is almost my height now.

Sylvia passed the first round for the scholarship so we're crossing our fingers that she survives the 2nd round now. I checked her grades, and right now she has a B in Algebra (which is kind of phenomenal), and an A+ in Social Studies. She seems to be off to a really good start. She's loving doing the show and is counting the days until Opening Night. 

I haven't even had my first official Leadership class yet, and I'm already learning so much. I took a test where I found my strengths are in what they refer to as Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking, which was somewhat surprising because I thought my strengths would be in Execution. So far, though, what I've really taken to heart is that good leaders aren't great at everything. Knowing where my strengths are, and where they're not, is the first step. I'm really looking forward to reading more this weekend, and our first real class!

Last night we had Back to School Night at Riley's school. Well, first I had to drop off Sylvia at rehearsal, then I had to drop Riley off at my parents' house (since they would prefer kids not come to BTS), and then drive to Back to School Night, stop in at the Book Fair, then listen to the meeting, go back to pick up Riley, pick up Sylvia, and finally, we got to go home.

I like Riley's teacher, Mrs. A. The Curriculum Director told me that she has the highest test scores of anyone in the District! She doesn't believe in Spelling, which I totally get. She has the Gifted students in her class, too, and frequently gives the entire class Gifted homework, and seems to expect a lot from them, all the while making learning fun. They have a snake in the class, and she feeds him a "sleeping" rat with the class watching. The only thing I didn't like is she does those "project" book reports; the dioramas, cereal box, book-in-a-bag reports that I loathe. The Curriculum Director said she'd probably be open to having Riley write a real book report instead, but we'll see.

Work is still busy, but not as crazy busy as last week. I am, as always, trying to find that ever-elusive balance!


singlemama_cc said...

WooHoooo! Sounds like your house is a busy one! OMG how effing adorable are those pics! Love it!! Thanks for sharing

Julie@My5monkeys said...

wow they are looking beautiful and totally agree about buying all those specific items..almost there here.

Danielle said...

She is really cute and I love that "it is not you, it's me". A girl after my own heart!

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha-you're never too young to say "it's not you, it's me!"

My son is starting his senior year and I can't believe how much more expensive this year is than last.

Michelle said...

Wait wait wait... 5th grade and a boyfriend? EEK! I'm so not ready for this.

Enjoy the Algebra. My husband teaches it, and it's always to interesting to hear about the students and how they try to work through their fears of it. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Unknown said...

Aw, Riley and Sylvia are gorgeous girls - and knowing how life-smart and cool and sweet they are must make you so proud. The boyfriend thing cracked me up :)

I've always figured that when the girls get the hair/skin maintenance, shaving and deodorant stage that we're totally shopping at Costco again, which we haven't done since their diapers/wipes and formula year(s).

jenn said...

Oh, I'm so not ready to think about boyfriends and hair gel and shaving products. It's a good thing I have a few (?) years before I have to deal with that. It seems to get younger and younger.

Your girls are absolutely adorable.

Balance, I could use some of that right now. I'm back in school and trying to figure out how to make everything work and still have time to wash our underwear. (Maybe I'll just buy more...)

Debbie said...

beautiful photos of your girls! Back to school has been a challenge to balance around here as well. Elusive is an understatement! btw - thanks for all your support on my blog - I appreciate it!

Jen said...

They are so beautiful, April! I'll bet the teacher would be open to a traditional book report. I *still* use a modified version of the book in a bag thing for my advanced group, only because some students are far more right-brained and it works better for them to analyze through something that's non-verbal. BUT... I always let my left-brained students do other formats if its easier for them and EVERYONE has to write at least one essay per unit, as well. This, of course, is for upper levels of high school, not 5th grade!

BigLittleWolf said...

She's so cute in those pictures! (And what's not to love about learning the "it's not you" line so young?)

Reading this made me realize how many hundreds of projects my kids have been through, with me at their side, over all these years. I'm tired just thinking about it! And a bit relieved that what remains is one more round of SATs, subject tests, IB exams, final projects - and yes - the dreaded process of college applications and hunting for grants and aid. That's all in the next few months. Whew! I better take my iron pills!

But it doesn't mean I don't look back a little wistfully, remembering the pleasure on their pre-shaving paraphernalia faces, and those sweet appreciative grins.

Jenni said...

Look at your girls! So beautiful! And Riley breaking up with the boyfriend - haha, too cute!

Such a busy lady. Just reading your blog, you can tell it's hard to keep up.

Vinomom said...

We had back to school night tonight. Finally after four years I've learned to come later to skip the boring PTA speech that you can never hear a word of and just show up for the classroom information.

I liked her teacher, but something seemed a little Off about her. Can't pinpoint it yet, but her 3rd and 4th grade teacher agreed that was the best place for her, so I have to have faith!

LOL at Riley and Her BF :) So mature of her. And as for Sylvia being almost as tall as you - I feel your pain. I stand tall at 5'1 and at ten Lady H is only a couple inches shorter than me. I should mention her dad is 6'5 !