Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wrap-up of the Tuesday variety

The girls and I enjoyed a nice, quiet weekend at home. Actually, the whole week was enjoyable as Riley had standardized testing all week, which means no homework. Yay! She helped me with dinner almost every night and loved it. Sylvia was happy because I finally let her get her own email address. She said before I did that I would know the password, and be able to keep track of who is emailing her, so that works for me! This week, both the girls have state testing all week so it should mean for another good week at home every night.

X got sentenced, and he'll be in for the duration of the school year. That will ensure their stability so I'm glad.

The good news that I was hoping for regarding Sylvia did not happen, but that's okay. She's excited because she gets to go see Chicago with her fellow dancers from the Club. I'm pretty proud of how well she handled everything.

I got new glasses that I'm supposed to wear both while in front of the computer and driving at night. I've been wearing glasses to drive at night for a while, but whenever I try to wear them in front of the PC, everything looks slanted. It hurts my eyes to try and get used to it!

This song never fails to make me smile:

Of course, I'm obsessed with Glee and thrilled that it's back!!

Obviously, nothing exciting going on. Which, given the possible alternatives, is good news, I think.

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Cat said...

Seems like things are going smoothly- yay! Glad that things will be stable for the girls for a while yet. I love Glee, but I haven't watched the premiere yet- I'm so far behind on everything!