Friday, April 16, 2010

National Health Care Decisions Day

Today is National Health Care Decisions Day. If you are single, this is something we absolutely need to make sure we document. If you are married, use this opportunity to talk to your spouse about your wishes. Please see the initiative's website for resources and information.

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"The political grounds involve the Constitution of the U.S. The document that Obama tries to sidestep every-time he makes executive decisions, but it is the same document he promised at the Inaugural to defend and protect. This document said exactly and spelled out exactly how the federal government is supposed to do, and the concept of universal healthcare was never mentioned. I support a strict and literal understanding of this document. If it is not included, then, it can not be done. Therefore, he is violating the Constitution by pushing for it and supporting it. He violates the terms of this document by promoting something that is unconstitutional and harmful to the American people. "

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