Friday, March 5, 2010

Because it's the weekend...

My brain can be expected to be fried, and I can just write about American Idol, right?

So here's my number one complaint. You know those really cheesy numbers that the contestants do at the beginning of a results episode? Why are they so cheesy? It was more understandable before Glee moved into the neighborhood, but now that we know that group numbers can actually be entertaining, can someone from Glee please take a side job at AI (or make a recommendation) to give these contestants something to do that doesn't make me want to go wash my dishes?

I'm enjoying Ellen as a judge. Yes, she's still finding her footing, but at least she hasn't overstepped her boundaries. She knows what she knows and what she doesn't, and I look forward to her learning more, but in the meantime, she's still funny and since I'm not home during the week, it's nice to see her in prime time again!

I know this will sound like just another bitchy blogger, and I'm sorry, but Paula, I just don't miss you at all.

So far, for me, the only standout performance has been Siobhan Magnus' rendition of "Think." At first, I thought, who does this little white girl think she is, taking on Aretha Franklin? And she's just really odd. But I think I may be a believer.

There's no one that has been voted off that I'll miss and there are a few that I'm still waiting anxiously for them to be gone already.

Did anyone else notice Todrick Hall completely freaking out after he was standing there with the guy that got voted off? Usually, the contestants just look relieved that they were the ones that got to stay, but he looked like he was totally shocked that he came that close to leaving. I don't hate him, but I don't see him winning this competition.

I like Crystal Bowersox, but not nearly as much as the judges do! They seem to pant and go in a frenzy whenever she performs. She reminds me of Brooke White from Season 7, another one of the judge's favorites that I thought got way more credit than she deserved.

I'm a little scared that these contestants aren't ever going to get it (besides the 3 that currently do). They are trying so very hard to be interesting, to do something, but as Kara pointed out in one performance this week, they aren't paying any attention whatsoever to the lyrics of the song. Some of the performances have been so self-indulgent, I almost think I'm watching something indecent, the way they're getting off on themselves up there! (Most notably: Jermaine Sellers, who has thankfully been voted off.)

Going back to the "why I love musicals" theme, I love music that says something. It doesn't even have to be something that life-changing, as long as it's honest.

So I'm paying the price right now by enduring some of these frankly awful performances, but I'm really really hoping that I'm rewarded by some amazing ones later this season.


Anonymous said...

I've been pretty much over American Idol since Season 3 but I started watching this week because it occurred to me it was something Lady H would really enjoy since she's so into singing right now. And there's also nothing innapropriate about it. So I've caught a few of the boy's performances and DVR'd some of it. I did click on the "Think" performance though. I like her voice.

MindyMom said...

I haven't been watching this season at all but I did catch the opening group number the other night while my daughter was watching and cheesy is EXACTLY what I thought. You'd probably make a great judge!

Tara R. said...

With just the men folk home now, I can't seem to get a chance to watch chick TV. I haven't seen a single episode of AI this season.

I'll have to rely on your vast Broadway Musical knowledge.

12356 said...
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Cat said...

My Idol viewing has been spotty lately- I've enjoyed Ellen when I've caught it though. I usually watch the auditions, then wait till it's down to under 10 people.