Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making room to get closer

My eldest and I recently had a Date Night at a Mother-Daughter event, and once again, Sylvia asked if she could sit in the passenger seat.

Somehow, she knew. She knew that I'd just been thinking about this. She's asked me multiple times already, but I've always said no. Even though she meets the safety requirements now, I've preferred keeping both the girls in the back seat.

I've grown accustomed to having that passenger seat for my own needs. I practically resent my friends sitting there when we go to lunch because I have to move my sunglasses, the garage remotes, my night-time glasses, papers going from work to home, etc. One of the advantages, frankly, of being a single parent is having the front of the car to myself!

Still, it was going to be at least an hour drive to this event. In truly honoring Date Night, I decided to let my Date sit next to me in the car.

Sylvia was so excited to finally be in the front seat. I found new places for everything - a few became Sylvia's responsibility - and amidst the rush hour traffic, Sylvia would announce every now and then, "I love being in the front seat!" I think she liked the mirror in the visor best.

After the event, we had a lot to talk about on the way home, and it was nice to be able to look at her at times and talk in a normal tone of voice.

I gave her a few conditions for permanent passenger-seat privileges, and she seems eager to comply. I'm not quite sure how her little sister, Riley, will react to this change in seating, but even Sylvia agreed that for longer road trips, she would prefer to be in the back seat and spend time with Riley. And it's possible that I may have to break up fewer drive-time battles!

Anything to keep us close, even if it is merely in the physical sense.

Originally posted on LA Moms Blog, Mar. 18, 2010.

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