Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fragments - is Thanksgiving really next week?!? edition

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***Riley got to spend Monday with me at work (pupil-free day for parent-teacher conferences) and said it was the "best day ever." She behaved beautifully, and it was lovely to spend time with her.

***On Tuesday, Sylvia asked me to come in for her therapy session. I think she mainly just wanted to spend time with me. I love love love her therapist, and it's apparent that she has helped Sylvia come so far in the past 6 months.

***Sylvia got her progress report and is getting an A+ in Science! Generally not her best subject, but I wasn't too surprised because she talks about the teacher a lot. Great teachers make all the difference.

***Riley has been asked to take a test for the District's Math Field Day next week. In the end, only 12 students throughout the District will be picked, but she was one of only three 4th graders in the school invited to take the test so it's a huge honor! She's nervous and excited right now. I'm just proud.

***OK, enough of all the happy stuff. I'm starting to annoy myself!!

***Since when is it news that a politician wrote a book?

***The mammogram hoopla is annoying me. It was said best in the first story I saw on the subject: "Just talk to your doctor." Your history (and that of your family's) will best determine your personal needs. And I'm reminded of Tara's ongoing struggles with mammograms not being the right test for her. And, as best said in Pirates, "they're just guidelines." After all, how many of us really eat exactly as the Food Pyramid says?

***Looks to be a good weekend. Tonight, Thanksgiving dinner at the Boys and Girls Club. Tomorrow, a movie with the girls in the morning, and tomorrow night, a play with some friends from work. Sunday is, thankfully, wide open!

***I'm woefully behind on The Daily Show this week. I really need to make up for that this weekend.

***While I thought Carol Hannah had the best collection, I'm not surprised that Irina won Project Runway. Throughout the season, her clothes have consistently been good. And even if her collection wasn't my style, it was all extremely well-made, and with amazing detail. And how cool was it to see Tim Gunn lose his cool?

***So there you have it, from the not-so-sublime to the ridiculous. Gotta love Fragment Fridays!


brainella said...

Politicians doing anything is news which is surprising because most of them no nothing useful at all! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you and your talented offspring! :) Sorry I've been so bad at commenting lately. I appreciate all your support, I really do!

Cat said...

Yay for the happy stuff!!

I agree on mammograms- ideally everyone breastfeeds until 1, eats on the food pyramid, and drives the speed limit. But sometimes you can't make milk, want a cookie, or need to get somewhere. Guidelines don't always work- which I realize you said but it's worth repeating :-)

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Just when you didn't understand the new mammogram guidelines... wait for it, wait for it... they're changing the guidelines for pap smears too! They now say you don't need your first until age 21, and you can skip a few here and there as long as you've had clear results. I think this is a recipe for disaster, myself...


FreedomFirst said...

I miss the Daily Show now that we have no cable. And the mammogram thing really bugs me too. I don't understand anyone who is so insecure/attention needy that they actually are upset about not having to see their doctor. Grow up!

Also, I can't find your number or I would call about it, but I have my Thanksgiving cards and letters going out if you want to email me your address.

April said...

@Elizabeth, I heard about the pap smears thing, too. Since I haven't actually been to a doctor for me in about 4 years, I decided I better keep my mouth shut! I went so many years w/o health insurance, I still can't get back into the groove.

Anonymous said...

So true about good teachers making all the difference! I am going to have to click on your link to find out what Friday Fragments are all about!

won said...

Yeah! I've been wanting to mention it all day...

I was rooting for Irina all along. When I saw last nights' final runway, I had to change my vote for Carol Hannah. I really liked Carol Hannah's work last night. Irina's was a bit too much of the same for my taste.

jenn said...

I really liked Althea's clothes, as far as stuff I would actually wear. But for runway clothing, I wanted Carol Hannah to win. They were all good though.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the sublime to the ridiculous! (And it was sorta funny seeing Tim Gunn lose his cool... ) I agree with Jenn on the wearability of Althea's clothes. But I will say, I just wasn't as invested in who won this season, as I was in prior seasons.


debi9kids said...

Sounds like your kids are both doing very well. Great job mama!

I have to say, i was a bit disturbed about the new mammogram guidelines only because there are "idiots" out there who don't think for themselves and will follow the guidelines and honestly, just because you don't have family history, doesn't mean you can't get it. Idiots worry me. LOL

Tara R. said...

Congrats to Sylvia and Riley on their academic accomplishments!!

The mammogram stuff is ticking me off too. It should be a decision between the patient and doctor based on family history and medical need. Pfffff!

MindyMom said...

Is it weird that I'm proud of your kids?

You're an awesome mom and woman. Just thought I'd let ya know in case no one else did today. ;)

Stacy Uncorked said...

Love how great your kids are done good, Mom! ;)

The mammogram hoopla is annoying me, too. I think the whole when/how old/young etc. should be based on family history and decided between you and your doctor - not mandated by powers that be.

Happy FF! ;)

Shiona said...

So glad to hear your daughters accomplishments!!

Yeah I saw the first article on the mammograms and was like okay and then the next one and then the third and I was like OK not sure what the issue is.

Mrs4444 said...

You have SO much to be grateful for. I think it's wonderful that you're aware of that :)

Happy Thanksgiving, April :)