Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Earth Day contribution

Last year, I wrote about various ways to protect the Earth, most of which we were already doing.

I have bought the cloth napkins, and we use them for all of our meals now. They're small enough and sturdy enough that they can be dropped into nearly any load you're doing without feeling like you're adding to your water consumption.

I confess, we did not keep up with the Earth Hour concept, but we still are aware of our energy consumption and turn off lights, etc. on a regular basis. Those that are on more of the time when we're home are all of the energy-saving variety, so that helps.

Today, I finally invested in the DivaCup. (Model 2 is for those that have given birth, and Model 1 is for those who have not and are under the age of 30). I've been free of tampons for years, using Instead, but I feel better about the DivaCup since it is re-usable. Better for your body (no Toxic Shock Syndrome possibilities), better for the Earth, more economical.

Happy Earth Day!


Dingo said...

I've been hearing a lot about these. You'll have to let us know if you like it.

dadshouse said...

Happy Earth Day! Whenever I find a light on in the house, I ask my kids who left the carbon footprint. They are learning things about our world that some people only tuned into as adults. And others haven't tuned in yet!

Shiona said...

I on the other hand have never heard about this. I would love to get one.