Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Back to school, back to work, back to regular life. I'm pretty glad, actually.

Riley had a great week with PE - yay! And while not without some problems, she also stayed on top of her homework, and felt good about her oral book report on Friday. The downside was she broke her glasses, but it wasn't her fault. She got hit with a ball at recess. And she's had these glasses for a year - I think that's a new record for her!

Sylvia has finals next week. She seems pretty confident about them. She had a good week, overall, but not such a great week in cheerleading. The popularity problems seem to be alive and well in junior high cheer. But it seems to just solidify her decision to only do it this year. That works for me.

Last night, we went on a backstage tour of Wicked - something we've been meaning to do for months, but of course, ended up waiting until the last minute since it closes today. I have a friend in the cast who showed the girls around. I was totally impressed by Riley's questions, and memory of the show, since it's been a while since she's seen it - and she's only seen it once. I know this sounds just like a mother talking, but man, the girl is bright and curious and she was very polite and followed all of the rules. I was less surprised to see how much Sylvia remembered. She's almost as obsessed with the show as I am! She was thrilled to be there, and felt very special. We all had a good time.

Work was back to being busy, but not hectic. It's nice to be back in the rhythm.

The bad news of the week is that my tension headaches were getting so bad that I felt nauseous most of Wed. I went to a chiropractor on Thursday, and will be going back again on Mon. He says the problems are mainly due to that "sitting in front of a computer all day" posture. My shoulders are rounding, and causing back and neck problems that are leading to the headaches. He's suggested weight training, so I finally know what I'll be doing at the gym. My friend will be going with me once a week so I think it'll be fun as well as helpful.

The girls are going bike-riding with my parents this afternoon (my dad's Christmas present to the girls was custom-made bikes), and I'm having lunch with a friend while they're gone. (Like a real grown-up!)

Tonight, we're back on our regular Sunday schedule: making the lunches, readying the backpacks, laying out clothes for tomorrow...other than getting up early, I think we're all glad to be back to normal.

And there's much to look forward to in the coming weeks. As you'll see, that countdown to the cruise is getting mighty close. I'm starting to really look forward to it.

Of course before that, we'll have the inauguration. I've moved on emotionally to my problem with it, and am focusing on all the positives about it. I know he won't be perfect, and that I won't agree with him on everything, but I also don't believe that I'll be counting down the days until he leaves office like I am with W! The end is just as worth a celebration as the beginning.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Jessica Gottlieb, a known (gasp) Republican that will be hosting an inauguration event. I know she's gotten some flak for this, and what she really deserves is applause. She reminds me that nothing is lost by keeping an open mind.

And a thank you to all of you that took the time to write such thoughtful comments on my LA Moms post this past week. I loved reading all of your different perspectives, and appreciate you sharing them with me. Not to mention all of your support with my last post here. You feed my soul, and make it so much easier to bear the fools of the world, and put them in their proper perspective.

Okay, before I start blubbering about how much I love you guys ('cuz you already know I do), I'll hit the publish post button.


Tara R. said...

Good to hear your girls are doing well in school and that they both seem to have jumped some hurdles. Even though I am a (gasp) card-carrying Republican, I'm looking forward to the inauguration too.

Florinda said...

"Sitting in front of a computer all day" posture? Now that totally sounds like me. It's another one of those modern-day workers-comp conditions :-).

The cruise really IS getting close! We will look forward to hearing all about it :-).

Tall Paul and Katie (my stepdaughter - he's mentioned her by name on his blog now, so I have clearance to do the same) went on a backstage tour of Wicked on Broadway when they went to NYC with her drama class last spring, and it sounded really cool. I'm surprised you hadn't done it before, but glad you got a chance!

MarĂ­a said...

Jessica's awesome right? So cool of her to do that.

Shiona said...

Popularity and cheerleading go hand in hand right? Too bad. Good luck in the upcoming week.

I am so excited to see the days have gone down to 8. Glad you got to see Wicked backstage. I'm just glad about everything going on. Except the headaches I hope those go away soon.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

Sounds like a great week for the kids.

Your post about Wicked inspired me so - your letter to write 10 things about is "W"

Meg said...

Nausea is usually associated with a migraine headache. You might want to check that out 'cause you can get all kinds of cool drugs for them.

Hope you feel better.

Meg said...

And concerning your previous post, I actually think men are the cause for all the problems in the world.

Anonymous said...

I get the back and shoulder aches from sitting in front of the computer as well. I always tell myself to make sure I take a break and stretch but it rarely ever happens and I end up with a tight knot right between my shoulder blades. Going to a chiropractor sounds heavenly. The one good thing my ex did was popping my back and shoulders when they needed it. It felt great. But not good enough to keep him around.

Suzie said...

Wait wickeds closing?

We love you too

Kori said...

Oh crap. 11 days? I had better get my care package sent soon, huh!

Amy said...

Junior high popularity drives me insane!!
I LOVE Wicked too! Have you read the book? Alli is begging me to take her the next time it comes, I think I will definitely have to do that.

Mama Smurf said...

I just saw Wicked last week with my 2 nieces and my SIL. It was FABulous!