Monday, January 5, 2009

An Interview with Me(Me)

I'm stealing the questions from Kori.

1. If you could have one wish granted for 2009, what would it be..??
To keep my job. Really, all I can ask for at this point is the opportunity to continue to care for my kids.

2. What do you find the best thing about being a sole parent..??

That my X has no legal rights whatsoever to my kids. I make all the decisions without having to talk to him, fight with him, convince him, or involve him in any way.

3. ...and the most difficult..??
Making all the decisions alone. And that he still gets the title of "Daddy." A post of Laura's
got me thinking about that. He doesn't care for them financially, emotionally, physically, in any way whatsoever. So why does he get to go around calling himself a father, and the kids still call him "Daddy?" Just one of life's little injustices, I guess.

4. What is the one vice you have that you could never give up..??
Coffee. One time, I was supposed to go in for some tests, and my doctor realized after months had gone by without my doing so that it was because I was supposed to have nothing whatsoever. She made some changes and told me I could have black coffee before the tests. I remain eternally grateful!

5. Where or when do you feel most at peace..??
At home when the girls are asleep, and my cat is following me to bed. The coffee maker is set to brew in the a.m., the dishes are in the dishwasher, the lunches are made, the backpacks are ready for the next day, and the clothes are set out. It's the one routine that I have down consistently because it helps so much the next morning.

I know, I'm supposed to offer to interview you, but now that we're back in the full swing of things, I can't commit to that. Instead, feel free to steal the questions if you'd like.


Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the job thing. I know my job is secure right now, but my mom being laid-off on Christmas Eve really made me realize how volatile our economy is right now.

Unknown said...

You inspire me to get everything ready the night before to make it easier on myself in the morning! So much.

My greatest feeling of peace is also when I know the girls are asleep. Those first few moments of peace (before the chores start) are absolutely priceless!

Meg said...

My greatest feeling of peace happens in the moment between putting my kids to bed and the moment I then realize--finally having the quiet time to think-- that I don't have a job. Then the panic starts all over again.

Megkathleen said...

We have the same wish! Things just seem so shaky right now...

Shiona said...

The job is definitely important. And that whole routine is bound to make things easier. I know quite a few people who have to have a couple of cups of coffee before they are fully awake :)

Tara R. said...

That whole 'get stuff ready the night before' is never going to happen in my house. I get up before everyone, about an hour early, and get all that done. I'm a much better morning person, that night person.

Anna Lefler said...

I can relate to that feeling of having the kids in bed and the house buttoned up and heading off to bed.

Love that.

Happy New Year.

:^) Anna