Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Hey all - I miss you guys! Sorry I haven't been around, but things are busy and crazy. Here's a quick and dirty update, and I'll post something more thoughtful when I have the time and brain power.

One: I do have to move after all. We went from playing phone tag about when we were going to get together to sign the lease extension to the owners are selling after all and I have to be out July 31. I'm holding up pretty well, though. My parents have been amazing. They literally got in their car after I told them and started apt. hunting for me. The good news: my raise gives me more flexibility in what I can pay in rent. The bad news: well, besides moving and all, it probably means my raise will go entirely to rent and I won't be able to afford to save for a down payment in a year. The girls took it fairly well, even when I said I have no idea what it means for their school next year. They're definitely bummed (Sylvia wanted me to sue :), but they're taking it fairly well, all things considered.

Two: Disneyland was great. We had a blast. We got to do pretty much everything we wanted, but were exhausted by the time we got home on Sunday afternoon. I'll post more details later with pics.

Three: job is keeping me very busy (I so should not be posting right now), but it's still going fairly well. I've definitely made more than one mistake, but nothing irreparable, and even better, I've negotiated a couple of things on deals that I was told I probably wouldn't get, so that was fun! Highs and lows, and definite challenges. I love it when the workday goes quickly.

Hope you all are well. I've been trying to sneak in and out of some of your posts, but I haven't made it very far. And it looks like most of my weekend will now be devoted to apartment-hunting so I'm not sure how much I'll accomplish then either.

Wear your sunblock and Happy 4th!


Kori said...

Hope you have great luck over the weekend; and it is so great to know that everyone is taking things as well as they can-what more can you ask for? Well, a lot, know. Love you.

Jen said...

You just take good care, April, and take a breather with the kids as you can. We'll be here when you have a sane time again. ;-)

I'm SO sorry to hear about the apartment. I'm also sorry about the school situation, but it's also possible that the Kipp school might change massively with all that staff turnover.

Good for ALL of you for being so upbeat about yet another challenge.

I'm delighted to hear the job is going well!

Tara R. said...

Bummer about the move, but good that the new raise helps with finding something new. I so want to go to Disney World now... last time we went was probably nine years ago... it's time. Have a great Holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear from you!

I'm sorry about the condo--that sucks, but it sounds like you are taking it fairly well. Glad Disneyland was a blast.

I'm glad the new job is going so well. I'm jealous. I SO need a new job.

Take care, hon.

OHmommy said...

Happy 4th and take care. Moving stinks, so sorry!