Monday, March 6, 2017

My Podcast Feed #TryPod

Some of the podcasts I listen to have been participating in the #TryPod campaign: encouraging listeners to share podcasts. They say share one with one friend/family member, but I don't like to choose so I'm just listing my entire podcast feed.

Now, this is a long list but keep in mind, not all of them air a new episode every week so no, I don't listen to 100 hours' worth of podcasts every week!

Missing Richard Simmons: I'll be honest, I didn't actually know Richard Simmons was missing until I started hearing about this podcast, and now I'm hooked. It's told with love, but not the rose-colored glasses kind. He's clearly searching for the truth.

The Official Disney on Broadway Podcast: It's really new, and so far, they've told the stories of how Newsies and Aladdin happened. (Fun fact: Newsies was never supposed to go to Broadway.)

Popaganda/Backtalk: From Bitch Media.  I needed a feminist replacement to Stuff Mom Never Told You. This focuses on feminist issues in pop culture.

Twice Removed: I subscribe to almost every Gimlet Media podcast. This is a genealogy show; each episode taking a different person through various stories of their family's history.

Crimetown: Gimlet Media show about Providence, RI during the height of their corruption that makes Chicago look squeaky clean. One of the best theme songs ever!

Heavyweight: Best thing about this Gimlet show is its host, Jonathan Goldstein. I honestly don't care what the episode is about, I just love how he tells stories.

Broadway Backstory:  All about how shows went from idea to stage, including interviews with the creators and original cast members.  (I should mention that it's sponsored by TodayTix, and you can use my code, FAGSL, for a discount.)

living the dream with Rory O'Malley: HamilFans will know him as King George III the Fourth. He's currently the King for the first national tour of Hamilton. He was also nominated for a Tony for The Book of Mormon ("Turn it Off"). He has long form interviews with friends of his; people like Stephanie J. Block and Joel Grey. They tend to focus on how to balance life with their art and figuring out how to have a life once your dreams start coming true...and what dreams coming true really means.

BroadwayCon: The Podcast: One of these years, I will get to BroadwayCon. In the meantime, I experience it vicariously through this podcast where they talk about how they put BroadwayCon together, as well as interviews with Broadway actors focused on their days as fans, and what theatre means to them. As NPH said (written by LMM), "we were that kid."

The Room Where It's Happening: A Hamilton Fan Podcast: Usually, interviews with others in pop culture also obsessed with Hamilton, but sometimes people involved with the show, too (their episode with Alex Lacamoire was the best). Each guest picks a favorite song from Hamilton to discuss and sing along. They're also campaigning to have the Obamas come on and talk about "One Last Time."

Katie Couric: Pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a Katie Couric podcast, except she has a co-host. (Come to think of it, you might expect that, too.)

Science Vs: Another one where the host, Wendy Zukerman, totally makes the show. Exploring different (often controversial) subjects, and trying to get answers.

Dear Sugar: I found this through NPR One (the podcast app that includes non-NPR shows, too). Advice show with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond.  They are both awesome.

Sooo Many White Guys: Another great theme song! Phoebe Robinson interviews those in pop culture that aren't straight white guys...and ends the season with a token straight white male.

Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine: Apparently, she knows everyone in show biz. She's interviewed Matthew Broderick, Molly Ringwald, Lucas Hedges, to name just a few.

RadioLab Presents: More Perfect: I don't know if this show is coming back, but each episode explored a different Supreme Court case that changed our country.

The Ensemblist: Focuses on those Broadway performers whose names aren't above the title. I particularly enjoyed their episodes about each Broadway musical that won the Pulitzer prize.

Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me: I mean, if this show doesn't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: Financial podcast focusing on women.

Behind the Curtain: They have two different shows per week: one that interviews Broadway legends, and one of their Favorite Things: YouTube clips, books, musicals, people that may not be as well known as the Broadway legends they interview.

Broadway Stories: Broadway performers telling their own stories.

The Producer's Perspective Podcast: Usually interviews with those behind the scenes like the producers, publicists, directors, etc.

The Hamilcast:  Yes, another one. It started mainly as two HamilFans talking about the show and the book behind the show, but recently, they've been interviewing many cast members, too.

BroadwayRadio: I love starting my weekdays with this podcast to catch me up on all the latest Broadway news: casting, grosses, business stories, etc. On Sundays, they have longer episodes where they may interview someone, plus reviews of everything they saw that week, both on Broadway and off.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People: I first heard about this one on This American Life. Anonymous callers chat with the host, Chris Gethard, for an hour.

 2 Dope Queens: Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson host this comedy show.

Throwing Shade: A gay man and feminist talk about issues.

 The Longest Shortest Time: Parenthood from every angle.

Embedded: Kelly McEvers takes a deep dive into the people and worlds we may hear about in the news, but don't really know or understand.

The West Wing Weekly: Every Wednesday, I look forward to this podcast! Josh Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway go episode by episode, interviewing cast members (and even Aaron Sorkin) along the way. Given that this is my favorite TV show of all time, of course, I love learning more about it. Oh, and if anyone wants to get me this sweatshirt, I'd be okay with that!

Theater People: More interviews with Broadway stars! I wish I were Patrick Hinds sometimes.

Afford Anything: My favorite financial podcast with my favorite financial blogger, Paula Pant.

The Sporkful: 20 minutes about food.

Better Off with Jill Schlesinger: Shorter than her old show, Jill on Money, now sponsored by Betterment, an interview and 1 caller asks their financial question.

RadioLab:  Usually science-y, but also very much about the people and their science-y stories.

Note to Self: I actually kind of did #TryPod with Note to Self's Privacy Paradox series. About technology, but more about how we interact with tech.

The DoughRoller Money Podcast: Rob Berger has grown so much as a podcaster since I first started listening to him, and I think he's loosened up since he retired from his day job as a lawyer. Now, he's more like a financial father, explaining both the issues of the day and a more advanced course than the general basics of financial planning.

Invisibilia: Much like Embedded, a deeper look into interesting stories.

Reply All: One of those shows where you have no idea from one week to the next what they'll explore, since their basic premise is the internet, but always great storytelling.

Serial: Another podcast that doesn't really require any explanation.

StartUp Podcast: The first Gimlet Media show. The name says it all, really.

This American Life: Need I say more?

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Best show to learn about what movie or TV show you may want to watch; also comic books, theatre and books.

Planet Money: 2nd best show to learn about the financial world.

Marketplace: The best show to learn about the financial world. It's hard to keep up as they usually publish 2-3 podcasts a day, but it's what I listen to after Broadway Radio every morning and I have learned so much from this show.

Death, Sex & Money: Really great interviews with fascinating people, usually known, but a lot of unknowns, too.

Ask Me Another: NPR's other quiz show that is so much fun, particularly the musical games with Jonathan Coulton.

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips:  Probably the first financial podcast I found.

The Loh Life: Only about 3 minutes long, I always loved when I happened to be in the car when Sandra Tsing Loh's segment was on NPR. Now, I don't ever have to miss it!

StoryCorps: Now I can't listen to this in the car because it almost always makes me cry, so I can tear up in the comfort of my own home. Whenever you need to restore your faith in humanity, listen to this show!

You Need a Budget: When I first discovered YNAB, subscribing to the podcast was part of my "all-in" strategy. I don't really get much from it anymore, but it's usually pretty short, so it remains in my feed.

I'm even shocked looking at this list! But again, because many of them aren't on every week, it usually works out. I listen while I'm doing dishes, while I'm driving, making dinner, etc.  Some of them are pure entertainment, and some of them really open my eyes to things I never really thought about before. They all explore humanity in one way or another, and I appreciate the chance to step for just a moment into their perspective.

If you have an Apple product, iTunes is the easiest way to subscribe. Otherwise, try Stitcher or the NPR One app.

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