Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Xmas 2015 post

Long-time readers may recall that I generally prefer odd years over even. This year was no different.


Sylvia graduated high school, turned 18 and is taking on more and more adult responsibilities. She’s working, she’s auditioning and keeping me entertained. She got a tattoo, but it’s a Sondheim quote so it’s kind of okay. She dyed her hair. Again. She’s a redhead as of this writing.

Riley is still thriving at school (sophomore year), and she’s back in LAPD’s Cadet program, hoping for a promotion soon.  She still wants me to let her shave her head, but like Sylvia’s tattoo, she’ll have to wait until she’s 18. She’s not as into social media and selfies as her sister, so the pic of the two of them will have to do. 

And in case you somehow missed it :), I published an eBook on Amazon: Balancing the Single Mom Budget, and got to make two podcast appearances to talk about back-to-school budgeting and holiday budgeting. Our family was also featured in a real book, How We Live Now by Bella DePaulo.

Family outings included Newsies at the Pantages and the annual Sound of Music Sing-along at the Hollywood Bowl. Sylvia and I had a couple of date nights, including Idina Menzel at the Hollywood Bowl, and Riley and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me. I also got to see If/Then at the Pantages with 4 members of the original Broadway cast (Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, LaChanze and James Snyder), which was so incredibly special and made me laugh, cry, and Idina's 11:00 number gave me chills.

I know I should probably be sentimental about the girls growing up, but every year, I enjoy their company more. My only complaints are that Sylvia is not obsessed with Hamilton like me and Riley, and Riley won’t watch Gremlins (which I really think she would love…and it’s not because she doesn’t like scary things, because she totally does). Otherwise, I’m pretty okay with who they are.  They’re not perfect (like, at all!), but they are closer than I ever got. So mostly, they just make me smile.

I hope there are plenty of smiles for you in the holiday season and year to come.

Happy Holidays,
April (and Sylvia & Riley)

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