Monday, September 28, 2015

One of My Favorite Phrases

One of the things I did to lower my monthly bills was to switch to Republic Wireless. When Riley's contract expired, I switched her, too. We decided that Sylvia would get on her own account after her contract expired, and I provided some funds to get her started. She didn't want to go on Republic Wireless, though. She didn't like our phones and that's the one "catch": you have to buy their phone.

At first, she tried to switch from the family account to her own individual account. After at least an hour (!), she couldn't because she wasn't 18 yet. A few weeks later, she said, "fine. I'll use Republic Wireless."

She set up her own account within 5 minutes. A few days later, she had her phone and called me to say one of my favorite phrases: "you were right, I was wrong." She went on to say she loves her new phone. She went with the more expensive phone than what Riley and I have, and that was probably what makes it much better than she thought it would be. Her number was transferred within 24 hours, and she is happy as a clam. Plus, she feels very "grown-up" to have her own account.

And, I might add, she is now paying less for her own plan than I was paying for hers, getting more services, plus she says the service itself is better and works in more places than her former plan.

Before she made her decision, we searched many, many plans and of all of them, we both recognized that Republic Wireless was the best value. I don't get any referral fees or anything for this, but I really didn't write this to be an advertisement anyway.

Mostly, I just wanted to brag that Sylvia said (and repeated) that I was right and she was wrong. Moments like that need to be recorded somewhere!

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