Friday, April 10, 2015


Not a major milestone, but a birthday nonetheless! And actually starting to feel like a grown-up! Kind of.

I'm grateful for the balance I feel in my life these days. I like my job, the girls and I are doing well, I love my new home, I like spending time with friends, I have me-time on a regular basis. I've minimized the things and people that weren't making me happy, and more often than not, I find myself able to laugh rather than go crazy over the things in the world that are not to my liking.

As one friend put it, instead of leaning in, I'm leaning out. And more content for it.

Oh, there are still some ideas and goals filling my head, but instead of jumping in with both feet, in my new-found maturity, I'm taking it slow.

My life has a manageable rhythm and my wish is for it to simply continue feeling like this. Not too frantic, but with plenty of highlights.

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