Thursday, March 19, 2015

National Single Parents Day: March 21

Yes, another celebration! National Single Parents Appreciation Day is this Saturday, March 21.

Some ideas from About on how to celebrate:

  • Write your elected official.
  • Write a letter to your children.
  • If you were raised by a single parent, call them! 
I have a few other ideas, too:

  • Re-examine your budget. We can help our kids now and in the future by modeling good financial habits.
  • Introduce your child to something you love: a favorite song/movie/book, a cleaning hack, a card game. 
  • Let your child introduce you to something they love. I don't always love it as much as they do, but I do love to see that light in their eyes!
  • Take time for yourself. As a single parent, you have earned it!

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